Digi Development Kit Setup

Set up your Digi XBee 3 Global LTE-M/NB-IoT kit

The quick start process provides a demo and ensures proper setup.

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Identify your kit components

Confirm that all of the following components are present.

XBee 3 Development Board, Antennas, SIM Card, XBee 3 module, USB cords

Download Digi XBee Studio

Digi XBee® Studio is the definitive tool to manage and configure Digi XBee cellular devices. The application includes embedded tools that make it easy to set up, configure, communicate with and test Digi XBee 3 Cellular modems.

Click below to download the drivers for your operating system.

Connect all the components of the hardware

The XBee 3 Module should already be plugged into the XBIB-CU-TH development board.

  1. Verify the XBee Smart Modem is plugged into the XBIB-CU-TH development board. Please note that the SIM card should already be inserted in the XBee Modem.
  2. Connect the antennas to the XBee Smart Modem. Align the U.FL connectors carefully, then firmly press straight down to seat the connector. You should hear a snap when the antenna attaches correctly. U.FL is fragile and is not designed for multiple insertions, so exercise caution when connecting or removing the antennas. We recommend using a U.FL removal tool.
  3. Connect the USB-C cable from a PC to the USB port on the development board. The computer searches for a driver, which can take a few minutes to install.
    • Note: The USB port on the PC should be a minimum of USB 3.0 to supply adequate power, and for the device to work as expected.
Digi XBee 3 Global LTE-M/NB-IoT Connections

Add your Digi XBee Smart Modem to Digi XBee Studio

  1. Open Digi XBee Studio
  2. Close the Welcome tab
  3. Select the XBee device in graphical view
  4. Set the AN parameter (APN) to broadband and write to the module.

Connect your device to the cellular network

Once your device is communicating with the cellular network, the blue LED on the board will blink.

Set Up the Digi XBee Smart Modem for Connection to the Echo Server

  1. Show blinking blue LED on the dev board to confirm the connection to the cellular network.
    This can also be confirmed by showing AI of 0.
  2. Set TD parameter to D
  3. Set DL parameter to
  4. Set DE parameter to 2329

Set Up the Digi XBee Smart Modem for Connection to the Echo Server

  1. Write all parameters to the module by selecting the Write button at the top of Digi XBee Studio
  2. Select XBee console
  3. Press Enter to begin the connection to the echo server

Set Up the Digi XBee Smart modem for Connection to Digi Remote Manager

  1. Select Dashboard then select quick action of “Digi Remote Manager Setup”
  2. Set connection style to Always connected via TCP socket connection and click save
  3. Select the set up device in Digi Remote Manager quick action
  4. Log in to Digi Remote Manager
  5. Click Register Device in Digi Remote Manager
  6. See DI value of 5

Next steps

To learn more visit our documentation below.

View the Digi XBee 3 Global LTE-M/NB-IoT user guide