You can remove all data from your device by resetting it to factory settings. To do this, you can either use the Settings menu to erase all your data or clean the data and cache partitions from U-Boot.

By performing a factory data reset, you are wiping all data (apps, documents, photos) from the device. Make sure you back up your data before performing the factory reset.

Option 1: Erase data using the Settings menu

  1. In your device, open the Settings menu.

  2. Under System, select Reset.

  3. Select Factory data reset.

  4. Read the information on the screen and select Reset tablet.

  5. When prompted, select Erase everything to erase all data from your device’s internal storage. The module resets automatically.

Option 2: Clean the data and cache partitions using U-Boot

  1. To clean the data and cache partitions, enter these commands in U-Boot:

    => setenv boot_recovery yes
    => setenv recovery_command recovery --wipe_data
    => saveenv
    => reset
    If the cache and data partitions are already formatted or you wish to preserve their contents, you can skip these commands.
    The above process will boot your device into recovery mode, will format the cache and data partitions and will reboot your device.
    The first Android boot takes several minutes due to system deployment.