This is a list of known issues and limitations at the time of release.

ConnectCore 6

  • ConnectCore 6 System-on-Module (SOM)

    • NXP i.MX6 processor has a documented errata (ERR004512) whereby the maximum performance of the Gigabit FEC is limited to 400Mbps (total for Tx and Rx).

    • The maximum number of clients able to use the Wi-Fi hotspot mode in the AR6233 wireless chipset firmware is limited to five.

    • The maximum number of devices able to connect to the Bluetooth Low Energy interface on the the AR6233 is limited on the chipset firmware to 10.

    • Using Bluetooth in parallel with wireless (coexistence mode) can affect your Bluetooth performance.

  • ConnectCore 6 SBC

    • The Micrel PHY KSZ9031 may take between five and six seconds to auto-negotiate with Gigabit switches.

    • Headphone jack

      • On version 1 of the ConnectCore 6 SBC carrier board, quick plug/unplug of the headphone jack may induce a glitch inside the codec that can cause it to malfunction. Reset the board to restore the codec to normal functioning. Hardware in newer versions of the ConnectCore 6 SBC board resolves this issue.

      • On version 3 of the ConnectCore 6 SBC carrier board, headphone detection may not work.

U-Boot bootloader

  • The update mechanism only supports on-the-fly updates of sparse images from TFTP source, not from external media. (DUB-868)

Digi Embedded Android

  • Remote Manager file management is limited to /cache device directory

  • Firmware update APIs cannot be used to install application APKs (ADK4A-1434).

  • The softAP wireless mode is limited to 2.4 GHz; there is no 5 GHz support (ADK4A-1379)

  • Wi-Fi direct mode is not supported (ADK4A-1542)

  • Only one WAN interface (Wi-Fi or Ethernet) can be enabled; simultaneous operation is not supported (ADK4A-1466)

  • Video capture on the CSI camera on a LVDS display is not possible (ADK4A-1459)

  • Video capture on the CSI camera on an HDMI display is limited to a resolution of 720p (ADK4A-1459)

  • The HDMI audio volume control only supports on/off modes (ADK4A-1479)

  • Only FAT32 formatted uSD cards are supported for external data usage. Other filesystems like NTFS or EXT4 will be ignored. When used as internal storage, Android will format the device with a supported filesystem.

  • Bootable uSD card image is just for demo purposes and does not include recovery functionality.

  • Changes in the WiFi network configuration require the disabling and enabling of the interface to take effect (ADK4A-1544).

  • Using a mouse as an input device is not well supported in some applications (ADK4A-1565)

  • The following features are not supported in this release:

    • Digi Trustfence for Android

    • Cellular support (including XBee Cellular modems)

    • Wi-Fi roaming