The ConnectCore 6 platform uses U-Boot (Universal Bootloader) as primary bootloader. U-Boot is an open-source project. You can find standard documentation about commands, environment variables, Flattened Device Tree support, and more at

About this guide

This guide only describes specific changes made to the standard U-Boot by Digi International.


U-Boot for ConnectCore 6 is based on standard U-Boot v2017.03 plus {cpu-vendor} patches at {uboot-code-repo}.

Supported interfaces

The U-Boot for ConnectCore 6 supports the following interfaces:

  • {console-uart} for console (115200/8/N/1)

  • {ddr-type}

  • eMMC

  • microSD card

  • {ethernet-type} Ethernet on {ethernet-phy} PHY ({ethernet-phy-protocol})

  • I2C multi-port

  • One-Time-Programmable (OTP) bits

Carrier board version and ID

Digi uses non-volatile media to store the carrier board version and ID. See Carrier board version and ID.