Once a component is included in your design, you can configure its properties and settings from the Configuration view. To edit a component:

  1. Select the Configuration view of the design.

  2. Select the component you would like to edit from the Components tree.

  3. Modify its configuration in the pane to the right:

    1. Properties category: display general information for the component. You can configure the following general component properties here:

      • Component name: A logical name to help you easily identify the component in the design such as "console" for the UART component used for the console.

      • Associated resource: The current module interface used by the component.

    2. Settings category: configure component settings such as the number of lines for a UART. The Settings category is only present for components with configurable settings.

    3. Pads category: list all IOmuxes used by the component with the associated pad. You can perform quick IOmux configurations here. See Configure your design to learn more about configuring IOmuxes.

  4. Click Save to store your changes.