Today’s multiprocessors and microcontrollers allow several functions to be multiplexed on a single pin. The complexity involved in configuring the pinout of a microprocessor, and by extension the SoM using it, has increased dramatically as these devices allow more functionality and flexibility. Some models allow eight or more functions, and oftentimes this same functionality can be enabled on more than one pin. And, you can tailor the electrical characteristics of each pin to the specifics of the underlying hardware. The Digi ConnectCore Smart IOmux helps streamline these time-consuming, complex tasks by dramatically simplifying pin configuration and resolution.

Hardware engineers must determine whether design requirements can be satisfied by a particular module and configure the pins to support the necessary functionality. Firmware engineers must configure electrical and IOmux values for the software that runs on the device.

You can enter the list of interfaces required by your project and then use the Smart IOmux graphical interface to mock up configuration options, resulting in full pin assignment and device tree snippets that match your desired functionality.


Supported platforms

The Digi ConnectCore Smart IOmux currently supports the following platforms and variants:

  • ConnectCore 8M Mini module (beta support)

  • ConnectCore 8M Nano module

  • ConnectCore 8X module

  • ConnectCore 6UL module