meta-digi-dey provides a recipe for an alternative graphical image called dey-image-webkit. This image is very similar to dey-image-qt, but it includes WebKit packages instead of Qt packages. The main WebKit packages included in dey-image-webkit are:

  • wpewebkit, the WPE WebKit browser engine.

  • cog, a lightweight browser that uses the WPE WebKit internally.

  • connectcore-demo-example, a web application launched on boot to monitor and control your device. See [{XREF_yocto_r_ccdemo-local-demo}].

The meta-digi-webkit layer is currently only compatible with XWayland-based images. Framebuffer-based images are not supported.

To build the WebKit image:

$ bitbake dey-image-webkit

You can find the built images at <project_folder>/tmp/deploy/images/ccimx6sbc/.