The ConnectCore 6UL uses a NAND flash as main storage media. The flash is divided into logical partitions per the U-Boot variable mtdparts, which contains a string in the format described by the Linux kernel parameters in drivers/mtd/cmdlinepart.c. The default partition table set in the U-Boot mtdparts variable establishes the following partitions:

NAND flash layout

  • bootloader: Contains the U-Boot bootloader image that is executed when the device is powered on. It starts the installed operating system and allows some device configurations.

  • environment: Contains the U-Boot environment and its redundant copy.

  • safe: Contains the encryption key for encrypted partitions. Refer to the TrustFence documentation for more information on encrypted partitions.

  • linux: Contains the Linux kernel, device tree files, and U-Boot boot scripts. U-Boot reads the operating system files from this partition.

  • recovery: Contains a recovery Linux ramdisk image that can be launched (instead of the default operating system) to perform firmware updates on the device.

  • rootfs: Linux root file system partition.

  • update: Placeholder partition to store firmware update files prior to launching a firmware update process on the device.