The Dashboard page displays a graphical representation of the ConnectCore device with a set of clickable elements to explore and control some of the device interfaces.

You can access the Dashboard page in two ways:

  • It is displayed by default after you select the device in the web application front end.

  • Click Dashboard on the left navigation bar.

The application display is specific to the ConnectCore platform, so your screen may look different than the one shown here.

From the dashboard, you can:

  • Monitor device health information and interface status by clicking on the green panels.

    Dashboard panels
    See Monitor the system to check uploaded device data in Digi Remote Manager.
  • Get device versioning information by expanding the Device information panel at the bottom of the page:

    Dashboard device information
    See Get device information to review device information in Digi Remote Manager.
  • Open a shell console session by clicking the green Console panel button:

    Dashboard Console button
    Dashboard Console
  • Explore the device file system by clicking Explore file system in the Flash memory stats panel:

    Dashboard flash memory stats
    Dashboard file system explorer

    The file system explorer allows you to:

    • List files and folders in the current directory.

    • Navigate through the file system.

    • Download the selected file.

    • Remove the selected file.

    • Upload a new file.

    • Create a new directory.

    See Access the file system to access the device file system from Digi Remote Manager.
  • Toggle the User LED status by clicking the green LED button:

    Dashboard LED