With the Digi ConnectCore Smart IOmux, you create and manipulate design projects that help you prioritize components and resolve pad conflicts to complete your custom design.

Design types

The Digi ConnectCore Smart IOmux can create two different design types depending on the module pins you want to use in your product design.

  • LGA pad layout: Use the pads that populate the module back.

  • Castellated pad layout: Use the pads along the sides of the module. 

The number and functionality of castellated pins is limited. If you select the castellated pad layout, some components will not be available in your design.

Design templates

Digi provides a set of pre-populated design templates. These templates represent the actual configuration used by Digi for some variants of the supported platforms. They provide an efficient alternative to starting a design project from scratch.

This section describes the different operations you can perform with designs.