Digi APIX is a C library that enables you to easily access and manage Digi ConnectCore platform interfaces. You can use Digi APIX to define aliases for your hardware interfaces. These aliases map a human-readable name with the hardware identifier of your system. For example, you can map a given GPIO line with the alias USER_BUTTON.

Because the alias is defined in a configuration file, you do not need to change your application code if you modify the hardware definition. So your application code is still valid even if the hardware changes. Once you change the value of the alias in the configuration file, the alias USER_BUTTON points to the new controller and line values. For information on how to work with this library, see Set up your project for Digi APIX.

Each API includes a section explaining how to establish aliases at runtime. See Define interface aliases for information on adding the configuration file to your image.

Digi Embedded Yocto provides examples of using this API to connect and work with your device interfaces. Use the Digi Embedded Yocto plugin to import the examples to Eclipse. For details, see Create a new DEY sample project.

The Digi APIX includes the following features: