Digi Embedded Yocto enables you to remotely monitor and analyze multiple devices, manage their configuration, or update the entire system via the integrated Digi ConnectCore Services (CCCS) support.

You can monitor and maintain your devices by programming alarms based on device conditions or scheduling operations on multiple remote devices.

ConnectCore Cloud Services offer the following features for your devices:

ConnectCore Cloud Services architecture

CCCS allow your devices to connect and upload data to Digi Remote Manager, as well as provide the tools to create external applications to communicate with Remote Manager to retrieve your devices data. The main components are:

  1. ConnectCore Cloud Services device components. CCCS applications running on your device allow communication with Digi Remote Manager. The CCCS daemon along with CCCS-enabled custom applications using CCCS API allow your devices:

    • report data to Remote Manager, where it is stored and accessible.

    • receive requests from Remote Manager to perform different actions, including managing interfaces, accessing files, and updating the system.

  2. ConnectCore Cloud Services web services. An external application, such as a web application, also communicates with Remote Manager using the provided web service APIs to:

    • get and process data uploaded by devices to Remote Manager.

    • manage devices connected to Remote Manager: work with interfaces, access files, update the system, etc.

ConnectCore Cloud Services diagram