Release 11.0-r2 (R)

Digi Embedded for Android 11.0 is based on the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) 11.0 ® release.

This production release applies to the ConnectCore 8M Mini SOMs, ConnectCore 8M Mini Development Kit, ConnectCore 8X SOMs and ConnectCore 8X SBC Pro.

Tested OS versions

The current release has been verified and tested with the following OS versions:

  • Ubuntu 18.04

Supported platforms

Only platforms with 2 GiB RAM or more are supported.

Software for the following hardware platforms is in production support:

ConnectCore 8M Mini

ConnectCore 8X

Previous versions of Digi Embedded for Android include support for additional Digi hardware.


Digi Embedded for Android provides the required hardware and software to effectively design embedded products with Android. The required repositories are specified on a manifest file.

To install, please follow the instructions at System development.