Once you have the signed-target-files.zip, you can create the release images to be programmed in your devices. These release images are similar to the ones created during the development process (see Build your development images) but with your private keys.

To generate the signed images from the signed target files, use the build/tools/releasetools/img_from_target_files python script:

  1. You must have created the signed-target_files zip (see Sign for release).

  2. Change to the directory where the source code is installed.

    $ cd dea-11.0-r2
  3. Run the following command:

    $ img_from_target_files \
     --additional 'IMAGES/product.img:product.img' \
     --additional 'IMAGES/super_empty.img:super_empty.img' \
     --additional 'IMAGES/system.img:system.img' \
     --additional 'IMAGES/system_ext.img:system_ext.img' \
     --additional 'IMAGES/vendor.img:vendor.img' \
     out/dist/signed-target-files.zip out/dist/signed-img.zip

The resulting file, out/dist/signed-img.zip, contains the image files boot, dtbo, partition-table, super, vbmeta, and vendor_boot.

To program these files into your ConnectCore 8M Mini Development Kit, follow the steps in either:

To establish a secure environment where the access to the private key is restricted, see Release in a secure environment.