To uninstall the Digi SDK Add-on for Embedded follow these steps:

  1. Close all active Android Studio projects. To do so, click File > Close Project in each project window.

  2. Close Android Studio.

  3. Start Android Studio again. The Android Studio welcome screen is displayed:

    Welcome Android Studio

    If a project window is displayed instead of the welcome screen, close the project and try again.

  4. Click Configure > SDK Manager to open the SDK Manager dialog.

  5. Check Show Package Details to display all the installed packages individually:

    SDK Manager

  6. Uncheck the Digi SDK Add-on for Embedded package that is listed under Android 11.0 ®.

  7. Click OK to apply the changes.

  8. A pop-up dialog asks you for confirmation before uninstalling the add-on. Click OK. A new window opens displaying the uninstall progress:

    Uninstall Add-on

  9. Once the process finishes, click Finish to close the dialog.

Although the add-on is uninstalled at this point, restart Android Studio for the changes to take effect.