Follow these steps to set up your ConnectCore 8X SBC Pro hardware:

ConnectCore 8X SBC Pro connections
  1. Connect the USB serial cable to the CONSOLE connector on the board and to your host computer. The operating system will detect the board as a new serial port. Identify the new serial port on your operating system (/dev/ttyUSBx in Linux, COMx in Windows), as you will need to open a console at that port in the following step.

    If the operating system does not recognize your board you must manually install the drivers, which are available on the Prolific website.
  2. Connect the Ethernet cable (not included) to ETH1 (the first Ethernet port from the left).

  3. (Optional) Connect the AUO 10.1" LVDS LCD display (not included, Digi P/N CC-ACC-LCDH-10) to the LVDS0 PARALLEL connector on the top side of the board. You can purchase the LCD Application Kit from Digi.

  4. Ensure the BOOT micro-switches (beside the second Ethernet port) are both in the OFF position.

  5. Connect the power supply to the power barrel connector.