Digi’s ConnectCore 8M Nano carrier board(s) device tree files define several LCD displays:

  • AUO 10.1"

  • Fusion 10.1"

The 10" AUO display is enabled by default in the device tree. Follow these instructions to enable the Fusion display.

Identify your display

Check the back of your 10.1" display to identify the model and determine if you must modify the device tree.

  • G101EVN01.0: This is the AUO display, so it should work with the default software.

  • CLAA101NC05: This is a Fusion display. You must modify your device tree for it to work properly.

Modify your device tree(s)

The display timings are defined on the platform’s device tree include file (*.dtsi).

Modify display properties

Fusion 10.1" display

Modify only the native-mode property in the display-timings node.

		display-timings {
-			native-mode = <&lvds0_g101evn010>;
+			native-mode = <&lvds0_hsd101pfw2>;

			/* AUO G101EVN01.0 */
			lvds0_g101evn010: timing@0 {

Enable the touch controller

The touch controllers are enabled in variant-specific .dts files, so you must first identify the device tree being used on your device to choose the correct .dts file. Once you have identified which file needs to be modified, apply the following changes.

// };

/* Uncomment to enable fusion touch */
-//&fusion_touch {
-//	status = "okay";
+&fusion_touch {
+	status = "okay";

 * Goodix touch
@@ -97,13 +97,13 @@
 * be duplicated for both addresses. This is why there are two
 * entries for the Goodix touch.
-&goodix_touch1 {
-	status = "okay";
+//&goodix_touch1 {
+//	status = "okay";

-&goodix_touch2 {
-	status = "okay";
+//&goodix_touch2 {
+//	status = "okay";

/* Parallel LCD */
&lcdif {
The touch controller I2C address (0x10) is also used by the MAX98089 audio codec. In order to enable the touch controller, you need to disable the MAX98089 driver:
-&max98089 {
-	status = "okay";
+//&max98089 {
+//	status = "okay";

For platforms that support dual display, you may need to adjust the interrupt line of the touch controller to the one of the connector where you are connecting the display. See Touch screen.