If you already have a Digi Embedded for Android version, go to Update Digi Embedded for Android.

Install Digi Embedded for Android

If this is the first Digi Embedded for Android 11.0 installation, follow these steps:

  1. Set up your environment following the steps at Set up your development workstation.

  2. Create an installation folder.

    The installation folder requires user write permissions. For example, create the directory /usr/local/dea-11.0-r2.

    $ sudo install -o <your-user> -g <your-group> -d /usr/local/dea-11.0-r2
  3. Download Digi Embedded for Android source code installer.

  4. Add execute permission.

    $ chmod +x dea-installer.bin
  5. Execute the installer.

    $ ./dea-installer.bin
  6. Accept the license agreement.

The sources are installed inside a directory called dea-11.0-r2.

Update Digi Embedded for Android

Regardless of your current version, you can only install the new Digi Embedded for Android 11.0-r2 using the source code installer. Follow the steps in Install Digi Embedded for Android to download the new version.

Digi eventually will release hotfixes in the form of 11.0-r(x). To advance 11.0-r(x-1) to 11.0-r(x), sync your installation with the HEAD of the release branch:

$ repo sync -c -d --optimized-fetch -j<Number_Of_Jobs>
-j argument sets the number of projects to fetch simultaneously. The git servers have a limit on how many connections you can have open at the same time. It may make parallel repo sync fail if -j parameter is too high.

Get update notifications

You can Subscribe to the dea-manifest GitHub repository to receive Digi Embedded for Android update notifications.

New Digi Embedded for Android releases may include things like:

  • Software features

  • Bug fixes

  • Security fixes

  • Updates to machine layers and BSPs

Download Digi Embedded for Android source code installer

To download the source code, fill out the following form:

Fill out my online form.