The {cpu-family} processor provides an Image Sensor Interface (ISI) module that interfaces up to 5 pixel link sources to obtain the image data for processing in its pipeline channels. There are two pixel links that provide connectivity for the CSI and MIPI camera interfaces.

On the ConnectCore 8X SBC Pro:

  • A parallel camera connector is available.

  • A MIPI CSI-2 connector is available.

Parallel camera is not supported in this Digi Embedded for Android release.

Default images expect only the MIPI camera to be connected. When only the parallel or both parallel and MIPI cameras are connected you need to modify the device tree accordingly, as documented in the device tree files:

 * Enable only if the parallel camera is physically connected.
 * If not, the MIPI camera may not work.
 * Similarly, if the MIPI camera is not physically connected you need to
 * disable the MIPI (mipi_csi_0) so that the parallel camera works.
//&parallel_csi {
//       status = "okay";

//&ov5640 {
//	status = "okay";

/* MIPI camera */
&mipi_csi_0 {
	status = "okay";

&ov5640_mipi {
	status = "okay";

Digi validates the basic functionality (preview 640x480 and picture taking 2592x1944) using the following cameras:

  • Digilent 410-358

  • Waveshare 13802