To create a new design:

  1. Click the New icon from the main toolbar. The Create a new design wizard appears. (You can also go to File > New design or use the shortcut Ctrl+N.)

  2. Fill the name and location page fields:

    1. Design name: The name of your design.

    2. Design location: The destination file to save your design.

  3. Click Next. The Select the platform page appears.

  4. Select your design platform from the Available platforms list and the platform variant from the Available variants list.

  5. Click Next. The Configure the design page appears.

  6. Choose the platform layout you want to use for your design:

    1. LGA pads layout: Use the pads that populate the module back.

    2. Castellated pads layout: Use the pads along the sides of the module. 

      The number and functionality of castellated pins is limited. If you select the castellated pads layout, some components will not be available in your design.
  7. Select the initial design setup:

    1. Create an empty design to start from scratch.

    2. Start from an existing template to use one of the templates provided by Digi.

  8. If you choose to start from an existing template, select one from the list to begin a design based on that template.

  9. Click Finish. The wizard dialog closes and your design opens in the application.