Digi ConnectCore Voice brings full voice processing at the IoT edge to any device integrating a ConnectCore module.  It integrates the vicCONTROL Industrial application from voice INTER connect with the Digi ConnectCore platform, providing speech recognition and voice control capabilities for any ConnectCore-enabled product.

ConnectCore Voice provides a customizable vocabulary, customizable wake word, and text-to-speech output, enabling zero-touch user interaction with the device.  It does not require hardware-based AI/ML accelerators to operate, enabling you to add voice-processing capabilities without additional hardware costs. 

The speech-recognition technology of ConnectCore Voice operates locally on the device and does not require an Internet connection. This makes it particularly suitable for applications that must function without Internet access, applications that require fast response time to voice commands, or have special data protection requirements. It recognizes natural speech, comparable to cloud-based speech recognition services such as Amazon’s Alexa or Google Speech-to-Text Services. Additionally, it is available in 30 national languages and enables semantic understanding of what is being said using machine-learning and artificial intelligence technologies.


ConnectCore Voice consists of two main parts:

  • The vicSDC webtool to design and compile the speech application

  • An offline dialog manager, which runs on the ConnectCore platform

VICcontrol and Digi ConnectCore Voice

While the ConnectCore Voice development kit only contains a pre-built image for the ConnectCore 8M Nano platform, the technology underlying ConnectCore Voice is platform-agnostic. Contact your local Digi representative or Digi Technical Support for more information on adding voice control and speech recognition to your ConnectCore project.

If you are ready to build your own custom voice-enabled application, see the ConnectCore Voice development kit for the ConnectCore 8M Nano for more information.