The demo allows you to monitor and manage your device remotely using Digi Remote Manager APIs.

Open your preferred web browser and go to

See Set up the web application on your PC to launch the web application on your development machine.

The remote ConnectCore Cloud Services demo application consists of:

  1. The Get Started with CCCS demo application, cccs-gs-demo, running on your device. It collects local data and periodically uploads to Remote Manager, and listens for requests coming from Remote Manager to perform the corresponding operation.

  2. Web application using the Digi Remote Manager public API to interact with the device.

    It uses the Remote Manager public API to interact with the device and can run on:

    • Local personal computer for evaluation/development purposes.

    • Remote hosts such as AWS to make it accessible from anywhere.

For more information on ConnectCore Cloud Services, see ConnectCore Cloud Services overview.
Remote ConnectCore Cloud Services demo diagram

From the web application you can: