This is a list of known issues and limitations for Digi Embedded Yocto 4.0-r5:

  • Firmware update

    • The software update package must be located in the root level of the update media (subfolders are not yet supported).

  • ConnectCore Cloud Services

    • Remote file system management only supports names and paths up to 255 characters.

ConnectCore 93 SOM

  • Wireless

    • Performance of the wireless interface is reduced when using concurrent mode, as the wireless interface is shared between several different functionalities.

    • When using wireless concurrent mode, Digi recommends you keep the different modes on the same frequency channels. For example, when configuring access point mode on channel 36 in the 5GHz band, connect to the same channel both in station mode and Wi-Fi direct so that the radio performance is optimized.

    • When working as an access point, DFS-capable channels in the 5GHz band are not supported.

    • The i.MX93 SoC occasionally wakes up from power-off without any interaction.

    • The hardware flow control does not work when using LPUART driver on revision A0 of the i.MX93 unless DMA is disabled. This issue does not affect the Bluetooth chip, which uses a different driver. Refer to Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter (UART) for more information.

ConnectCore 93 Development Kit

  • If the console cable is connected during suspend, a spurious voltage may occasionally leak into the SOM, causing some peripherals to not resume properly.