You can create a bootable microSD card image and use it to boot the ConnectCore MP15.

Create a bootable microSD card

Build images suitable for microSD card

Digi Embedded Yocto builds images suitable for the NAND of the ConnectCore MP15. To create a bootable microSD card you need:

  • ARM Trusted Firmware (TF-A) that supports booting from sdcard.

  • A boot.vfat image with the Linux artifacts (kernel, device trees, boot scripts).

  • An ext4.gz file with the compressed root file system.

Add the following to your project’s conf/local.conf file:

BOOTDEVICE_LABELS:append = " sdcard"
Note the required preceding white space when appending a value to an array variable using the :append override syntax.

Build your image recipe, for instance:

$ source dey-setup-environment
$ bitbake dey-image-webkit

This creates additional image files in your project’s deploy directory that are required to generate the sdcard image.

Generate the image for the microSD card

Use the wic command in Digi Embedded Yocto to generate a microSD image. There is a wic kickstart file at meta-digi/meta-digi-arm/wic/ with a preconfigured layout for a 1 GB card. You can customize this template for your needs.

To generate the microSD card image, run the following command from your project’s directory where you have previously sourced the environment:

$ wic create ccmp1 -e <dey-image-name>

where <dey-image-name> is the image name, such as dey-image-webkit.

You must have built this image in advance so the artifacts are available in the deploy directory.

This creates filenames in the form:

  • ccmp1.wks-<timestamp>

  • ccmp1.wks-<timestamp>

  • ccmp1.wks-<timestamp>

  • …​

The first file is a full image, whereas the p1, p2…​ are image files for each partition.

Refer to Boot from microSD card for instructions on programming the image on the microSD card and preparing your target to boot from it.