Each tamper interface has up to two pins associated with it:

  • Input pin: used to detect the tamper event.

  • Output pin (optional): this digital output changes automatically when the tamper event is detected. You can use this output pin to enable or disable peripherals, signal the event, turn on an emergency power supply, etc.

All MCA pins can be used as outputs, but there are limitations on which inputs can be used for tamper detection:

  • Digital tamper: all MCA pins are IRQ-capable and can be configured as digital tamper input pins.

  • Analog tamper: all MCA pins that are ADC-capable can be configured as analog tamper input pins:

    • MCA_IO1

    • MCA_IO2

    • MCA_IO3

    • MCA_IO4

    • MCA_IO5

    • MCA_IO6

    • MCA_IO7

    • MCA_IO8

    • MCA_IO14