The Management page allows you to perform several management operations on your device:

To access the Management page, click Management on the left navigation bar.

The application is specific to your ConnectCore platform, so your screen may look different than the one shown here.

System monitor

The System monitor service controls:

  • The frequency at which parameter values are sampled.

  • The number of samples of every parameter that are gathered before uploading to Digi Remote Manager.

System monitor

To configure the System monitor service:

  1. Set the preferred Time between samples.

    All device parameters are read in block. This setting establishes the time to wait between these read operations. For demo purposes, this setting value is configured to a low value so changes can be appreciated more frequently.

  2. Set the preferred number of Samples to buffer.

    To reduce the number of Remote Manager transactions, each read parameter is buffered internally. When the desired amount of samples of each parameter is reached, all samples are uploaded all at once to Remote Manager in a single operation.

  3. Click Save to apply the configuration.

With the above System monitor configuration, the device:

  • Retrieves system parameters every 15 seconds.

  • After 4 read operations, all the read samples are uploaded to Remote Manager.

This means that an upload operation occurs every 60 seconds containing 4 samples of each parameter.


The Management page includes device reboot functionality.


To reboot your device:

  1. Click REBOOT. A confirmation dialog is displayed.

  2. Click Yes to confirm the operation. The device reboots.

Firmware update

The Firmware update section displays the current firmware, Digi Embedded Yocto, Kernel, and U-Boot versions running in the device to help you determine the new firmware to install.

Firmware update

This operation installs a software update *.swu file located on your computer or from Remote Manager firmware repository:

To create a software update *.swu file, follow the instructions in Build a software update package.

Update firmware from your computer

To update your device:

  1. Select the Upload a new firmware version tab from the Firmware update section.

  2. Fill the firmware details:

    • Firmware version

    • If it is a production firmware

    • Included security fixes

    • Location of firmware release notes

  3. Click Choose file. A file explorer window is displayed.

  4. Select the update file to upload.

  5. Click Update firmware. A confirmation dialog is displayed.

  6. Click Yes to confirm the firmware update operation. The update process starts.

    This process has two steps:

    1. The demo uploads the selected file to Remote Manager firmware repository to create a new custom firmware that can be used to update your devices.

      File upload to Remote Manager
    2. Remote Manager downloads the uploaded file to the device.

      File download to the device


Update firmware from Remote Manager firmware repository

This tab lists all existing firmware versions in Digi Remote Manager repository available for your device and allows to select any of them to update your device.

  1. Select the Download from firmware repository tab from the Firmware update section.

  2. A list with all available files in your account firmware repository is displayed

    Remote Manager account firmware repository
  3. Select the firmware to install from the list.

  4. Click the Update firmware. A confirmation dialog is displayed.

  5. Click Yes to confirm the firmware update operation. The update process starts

    Remote Manager update firmware progress

    A successful operation returns a confirmation message and the progress bar turns green.

    An unsuccessful operation returns a descriptive error message and the progress bar turns red.

    To cancel the firmware update process, click Cancel update.