Application development has two distinct phases:

  1. Developing and debugging your application. For this purpose, you can:

    • Develop with Digi Application Development Environment: You can use Digi Application Development Environment to build your applications and remotely debug the code in your device with precompiled images.

    • Develop with Qt Creator. Qt Creator is an integrated development environment (IDE) that provides you with tools to design and develop applications with the Qt application framework.

    • Develop with Crank Storyboard. You can create interfaces in a desktop development environment by importing content from graphic design tools and by dragging and dropping standard image assets into a position to build up screens.

    • WPE WebKit web browser. WebKit facilitates creating local applications that use standard web-related technologies such as HTML5, WebGL, and JavaScript on embedded devices.

    • Develop with command line. Using a Digi Embedded Yocto toolchain, you can build your applications for your platform.

  2. Building your application with Digi Embedded Yocto so it is included in your root file system. In this stage, you must implement recipes to build your specific application and build a Digi Embedded Yocto project as explained in Yocto system development.

Application development is only supported for 64-bit Linux development machines. Digi recommends you use a PC running a recent Ubuntu distribution.