Set up the software to create Qt applications for your target:

Before starting development for your ConnectCore platform, make sure your device is correctly connected, powered, and running. See Step 2 - Set up the hardware and Step 3 - Program the Yocto firmware.

1. Install Qt Creator

Before installing Qt Creator, check the Qt Creator Supported Platforms documentation to make sure your system is compatible.

Digi Embedded Yocto has been validated with Qt Creator 9.0.2. You can download this version from

Follow the steps below to download and install Qt Creator on your computer.

  1. Visit and download the latest release for Linux.

  2. After the package is downloaded, give it execution permissions and launch it:

    $ chmod +x
    $ ./
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the product installation.

  4. Do not launch Qt Creator at this point.

Qt Creator is available for Windows, Linux, and MacOS. This documentation covers Linux installation instructions only.

2. Install Digi Embedded Yocto toolchain with Qt support


To install a Digi Embedded Yocto toolchain you need a development machine with at least:

  • Linux 64-bit system (Ubuntu 20.04)

  • 4 CPU cores

  • 4 GB of RAM

  • Between 3 GB and 10 GB of free disk space, depending on the platform


Digi Embedded Yocto provides a pre-compiled C/C++ toolchain that matches the default image artifact. You can use it to cross-compile applications to run on Digi embedded platforms, including graphical GTK or Qt6 applications.

To install new Digi Embedded Yocto toolchains in your system, follow these steps:

  1. Download the toolchain installer from the Digi support page. (You can also use your own pre-compiled toolchains.)

    $ wget
  2. Give execution permission to the installer and install the toolchain on your host PC.

    $ chmod +x
    $ ./

3. Start Qt Creator from a configured toolchain shell

You must execute Qt Creator from a new shell after configuring the toolchain environment.

To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Open a new shell.

  2. Navigate to the Digi Embedded Yocto toolchain installation folder.

  3. Set up the toolchain environment by sourcing the environment-setup-cortexa53-crypto-dey-linux script:

    $ . environment-setup-cortexa53-crypto-dey-linux
  4. Navigate to the Qt Creator installation folder bin directory.

  5. Start Qt Creator by executing the script:

    $ ./ &