System monitoring is one of the key features of ConnectCore Cloud Services support in Digi Embedded Yocto. It is enabled by default and allows you to remotely monitor some interfaces and system parameters that determine device health.

System monitoring is configured, by default, to take a sample of each monitored parameter and interface every 30 seconds and store the data temporarily in the device. When there are two stored samples of each monitored parameter, the module uploads all the samples. That is, the device uploads samples every 60 seconds.

This default behavior can be modified via the ConnectCore Cloud Services (CCCS) configuration file, /etc/cccs.conf. For more information about the configuration file, see Configure ConnectCore Cloud Services and Include ConnectCore Cloud Services applications in Digi Embedded Yocto.

Send your custom samples

You can also report your own samples to monitor the system from your custom CCCS-enabled application running on your devices. Upload data points example application and Upload binary file example application demonstrate how to send custom data using ConnectCore Cloud Services.

See Send data to Remote Manager for more information on how to send data to Remote Manager from your CCCS-enabled device application.

Remote Manager web interface represents system monitor parameteres and your custom samples in dynamic graphics. You can also retrieve their values using the Remote Manager web service APIs.

Get Started with ConnectCore Cloud Services demo also includes this feature:

See Monitor device data for more information on how to remotely fetch data stored in Remote Manager.