The demo allows you to monitor and manage your device locally.

The application starts automatically after a reboot. Access the demo from the connected display in the device (HDMI or LVDS).

The local ConnectCore Cloud Services demo application consists of:

  1. The application itself, which displays device status and allows you to manage the device locally.

  2. A small web server to get local data and interact with the device.

  3. Cog, a small single "window" launcher for the WebKit WPE port so the application is accessible via a connected display (HDMI or LVDS).

Local ConnectCore demo diagram

This local application is integrated into Digi Embedded Yocto dey-image-webkit Digi Embedded Yocto firmware images. See WPE WebKit web browser.

It is automatically launched on boot and is accessible from a connected display (HDMI or LVDS) using WPE/Webkit technology.

From this front-end you can:

For more information on how to set up the demo, see Get started.