Depending upon your firmware update strategy, you can create a software update (SWU) package in different ways. To learn about the characteristics of SWU packages based on system images, see SWU packages based on system images.

To build a SWU package based on system images, use the following command from your project’s directory:

$ bitbake dey-image-qt-swu

This generates the update package under <project_folder>/tmp/deploy/images/ccimx8mm-dvk:

Make sure you have not declared SWUPDATE_FILES, SWUPDATE_FILES_TARGZ_FILE and SWUPDATE_RDIFF_ROOTFS_SOURCE_FILE variables in your project. Otherwise, the resulting image from the above operation will be a SWU package based on files or differences rather than a SWU package based on images.

Refer to Include bootloader in SWU packages to learn how to include U-Boot in the SWU package.

Refer to Customize SWU package installation to learn how to customize the SWU package installation process.

Refer to Program a SWU package to learn how to program SWU packages.