Digi Embedded for Android includes out-of-box support for the new Digi LCD Application Kit 10" WXGA (PN: CC-ACC-LCDH-10). You can also manually add support for older revisions of the LCD Application Kit that included the Fusion 10" display.

The Fusion 10" touch controller I2C address (0x10) is also used by the MAX98089 audio codec. For this reason, the procedure below disables the audio codec.

To enable support for the Fusion 10" display and touch in your Digi Embedded for Android build, download the file ARM64-ccimx8x-use-Fusion-10-LCD-display.patch and follow these instructions:

  1. Make sure you are using the latest sources. See Update Digi Embedded for Android for information on updating to the latest sources.

  2. Change to the directory where the source code is installed.

    $ cd dea-9.0-r3
  3. Navigate to the kernel sources.

    $ cd vendor/digi/kernel_imx
  4. Apply the ARM64-ccimx8x-use-Fusion-10-LCD-display.patch patch file.

    $ git am ARM64-ccimx8x-use-Fusion-10-LCD-display.patch

Now follow the instructions in Build your development images to compile Android images with this change.