The ConnectCore 8X SBC Express and ConnectCore 8X SBC Pro assemble an XBee socket that allows you to connect a through-hole XBee module.

On the ConnectCore 8X SBC Pro:

  • The XBee module is connected through two interfaces:

    • MCA_UART2 of the MCA. MCA_UART2 is configured (4-wires) and enabled on the default ConnectCore 8X SBC Pro device tree.

    • USB_OTG1 bus.

The following XBee lines are connected to MCA GPIOs:

  • XBEE_RESET: Connected to MCA_IO15

  • XBEE_SLEEP_RQ: Connected to MCA_IO11

  • XBEE_ON/SLEEP_N: Connected to MCA_IO16

Kernel driver

The XBee does not require a specific driver.

Device tree bindings and customization

The XBee does not have specific device tree bindings. If using GPIOs of the CPU (like in the case of ConnectCore 8X SBC Express) for controlling some XBee lines (RESET_N, SLEEP_RQ…​) you can configure the pinctrl for these as part of the UART node that’s connected to the XBee socket.

Using the XBee interface

The XBee Manager Sample Application demonstrates the usage of the XBee Java API in Android by giving an example of all the available options using a local XBee device attached to the SBC board. This example uses the Serial APIX for the communication with the attached XBee.

See Serial API for more information about the Serial APIx.

Go to GitHub to see the application instructions and source code.