This is a list of known issues and limitations for Digi Embedded for Android 9.0-r3 at the time of release.

ConnectCore 8X

  • The supported speed rate for both i.MX8QXP LPUART and MCA UART is [9600 - 460800].

  • i.MX8QXP LPUART limitations:

    • 7-bit transfers with no parity are not supported. They have to be done using odd or even parity.

    • When using a standard GPIO as RTS line, DMA will be disabled.

Digi Embedded for Android

  • Although the BSP supports both Ethernet interfaces, Android only uses one of them (eth0, by default).

  • Android allows one active network interface to be enabled at a time; simultaneous operation is not supported.

  • Android only supports FAT32 formatted uSD cards for external data usage. Other filesystems like NTFS or EXT4 will be ignored. When used as internal storage, Android will format the device with a supported filesystem.

  • Bootable uSD card image is just for demo purposes and does not include recovery functionality.

  • The following features are not supported in this release:

    • Digi TrustfenceTM.

    • CSI (Parallel) camera support.

    • Cellular support (including XBee Cellular modems).