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USB Hubs

Switched USB expansion hubs

Digi Hubport products provide reliable USB network extension with sufficient power to connect any standard USB peripheral. Some models support direct connection to in-vehicle power for use in mobile applications.
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Switched USB Expansion Hubs
  • Industrial USB 2.0 hubs
  • Switched USB for maximum performance on all ports
  • 4 or 7 ports in a compact plastic or metal chassis
  • DC powered models can be used with 12V or 24V batteries
  • Locking power connector
Switched USB Expansion Hubs
  • Four 56K V.92 USB modems in a single chassis
  • Easily add USB modems to a PC, server or thin client
  • Combine existing modem lines into a Windows® modem pool
  • Access ISP, fax and dial-up group applications
  • Includes on-board USB hub

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