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Applications Accelerate With Digi for IoT Connectivity Digi International
December 21, 2018
Since both Digi and Accelerated focus on ease of use, security and rapid time-to-market design principles - the same level of service and product quality will be delivered, to ensure that current and future lines of cellular routers continue to exceed market expectations. Follow Digi on social media and the #AccelerateWithDigi hashtag for more information.
Applications NPS Named Accelerated Concepts’ First Aussie Master Partner Digi International
October 26, 2018
Written by Samira Sarraf on CRN Melbourne-based Network Professional Services (NPS) has been appointed as Accelerated Concepts’ only master reseller in...
Applications The Cost of Network Downtime Extends Beyond the Bottom Line Digi International
April 23, 2018
A reliable internet connection is every retailer’s lifeline. When network downtime occurs, it costs retailers more than just missed sales,...
Technical Insights What LTE speed do you need? Digi International
November 9, 2017
By now most of us have gotten pretty familiar with 3G and 4G/LTE connections, but what about the next step...
Technical Insights Eliminate Downtime And Stay Connected With Primary Or Backup Cellular Data Connectivity (Infographic) Digi International
August 10, 2017
As the price of downtime increases each year, it’s more important than ever to stay connected. Does your business continuity...
Technical Insights Downtime Will Cost You. Do You Have a Simple & Reliable High-Speed Backup Option for Your Data Needs? Digi International
July 11, 2017
Downtime is costly. According to recent studies, the cost of unplanned data center outages now ranges from $45 to $95...
Applications Module Not Found Digi International
May 24, 2017
What I learned about importing modules in ES2015 Written by: Andre LeBlanc, software developer at Accelerated Concepts So, this started...
Technical Insights What Linux Kernel Does Accelerated Use? Digi International
March 28, 2017
At Accelerated Concepts, the Linux kernel is at the heart of our hardware development. It provides a powerful and secure...
Technical Insights Two-Factor Authentication on the 5400-RM Digi International
December 21, 2016
The 5400-RM is the first Accelerated Concepts device to support Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) with TOTP and HOTP verification. This feature...
Applications Accelerated 4G Router Deployments Overcome Costly Broadband Breakdowns for Car Dealer Digi International
November 21, 2016
Originally written by Peter Dinham on iTWire Melbourne car dealership Essendon Renault is claiming to have saved thousands of dollars a...
Technical Insights VLAN Trunking Example Digi International
November 14, 2016
Goal The primary benefit of the VLAN features on the 6300-CX is to provide multiple LAN networks on a single...
IoT Trends Q&A with Accelerated Engineer Kim Griffin Digi International
September 27, 2016
For our first Q&A session I took the opportunity to sit down with Kim Griffin, Director of Development at Accelerated,...