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This Week in the Internet of Things: Friday Favorites

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The Internet of Things is developing and buzzing all around us. Throughout the week we come across innovative projects, brilliant articles and posts that support and feature the innovators and companies that make our business possible. Here’s our list of favorites from this week’s journey on the Web.

Makezine’s Vehicle Challenge

Dreamforce Hackathon Winners from TechCrunch

Whiz-kid, 13, Teaches Technology Class to MIT Graduates

MIT Invents Shapeshifting Dispay you Can Reach Through and Touch on FastCo Design

Please tell us in the comments below or Tweet us, @DigiDotCom– we would love to share your findings too. You can also follow all of the commentary and discussion with the hashtag #FridayFavorites.

Internet of Things Event Forecast

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Believe it or not, we are more than half way through the year of 2013.  There are still many exciting Internet of Things events to keep an eye out for as the fall season nears. Here are a few we are looking forward to.

World Maker Faire 2012

M2M Evolution
August 26-29 in Las Vegas
The event will kick off with the Battle of the Platforms, which will give a glimpse into the variety of platforms within the M2M industry. A number of thought leaders in the industry will be giving talks on how M2M technology is changing businesses. Topics include: Customer service, marketing, industry trends, healthcare, and supply chain management.

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Maker Faire
September 21-22 in New York City
Maker Faire is the ideal place to exhibit your projects and connect with other makers.  We always leave this event in awe of what others have created. If you were born with the DIY spirit, this event is for you. We usually do a giveaway too, so make sure to stop by and say hi at the Digi Booth!

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M2M Innovation World Conference
September 24-25
The M2m Innovation World Congress is dedicated to the M2M industry and the multiple verticals it operates in. Conference goers will hear about industry best practices, case studies, and M2M insights. Joel Young, Digi’s CTO and Senior VP of Research and Development,  will be speaking.

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Strata Conference
October 28-30 in New York City
Strata Conference is essential for anyone trying to understand big data, data science, and new technology.  The three days consist of a number of influential speakers with information rich presentations. This is a great event to learn and connect with others in the tech. world.

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November 18-21 in San Francisco
Dreamforce is the largest cloud computing event of the year. Learn first-hand from business leaders that are changing the way we think about customer service. Speakers include Sales Force CEO Marc Benioff, Yahoo CEO Marrisa Mayer, and many others.

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December 10-12 in Paris
This year marks the 10th anniversary of LeWeb and what better way to celebrate than focus on the next ten years.  LeWeb is a premier event featuring innovative product demonstrations and forward thinking business leaders.  Check out their Youtube channel to see past conferences.

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Digi International at Dreamforce 2012

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We’re excited to join an innovative all-star line up of speakers at Dreamforce 2012 on September 18-21 in San Francisco. We will be hosting the Developer Track, “Build the Internet of Things with Force.com on Friday at 10:30-11:30am

Dreamforce has been called “the cloud computing industry event of the year.” We have to agree that this lineup of presenters makes for one incredible event.

We will be joining the all-star lineup of presenters including:

Jeff Immelt – CEO, General Electric
Gen. Colin Powell – Former Secretary of State
Angela Ahrendts – CEO, Burberry
Tony Robbins – Entrepreneur, author & peak performance strategist
Sir Richard Branson – Founder, Virgin Group

In our session, will explore real-life applications of the Internet of Things. We’ll look at how connections to physical objects can improve business models, better our world and make a impact on our personal lives. And, we may even have a special treat for you.

Are you going to Dreamforce? What sessions and presenters are you most looking forward to seeing? Let us know here in the comments section below or on Twitter. You can see Dreamforce updates, information and commentary with the hashtag #DF12.

If you’re still looking to get your Dreamforce tickets you can learn more here.

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