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Stop Talking, Start Connecting

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We’re always encouraging you to connect “things” (devices) to the Internet. After all, that’s what the Internet of Things is all about. Now, we’re excited to share a special offer just for our blog and social media supporters.

Need some inspiration? 


Digi Examples Site

Check out the Digi XBee Examples & Guides Site. This site shows how to wirelessly connect sensors, outputs, motors, lights and Internet to XBee radios and other Digi products.





XBee Project Gallery 

The XBee Project Gallery is the largest collection of XBee projects on the Web! From underwater robots to Foursquare enabled gumball machines, you’ll find all kinds of XBee inspiration here.






Faludi on BBC LIVE: Digi & Connecting Light

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The BBC News interviewed me live, explaining the Digi technology behind YesYesNo’s Connecting Light art installation for London Festival 2012’s Cultural Olympiad. We’re on the edge of a craggy cliff about halfway along the installation of 400 huge interactive weather balloons that are illuminated in different colors by text messages sent from people around the world. I’m explaining how Programmable XBees and the Digi Device Cloud make that possible. And although you don’t see them in the live shot, we are entirely surrounded by sheep:

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