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Technical Insights Upcoming 2G and 3G Global Cellular Network Sunset Dates Mike Bleakmore, Product Marketing
September 17, 2019
How to Get Ahead and Stay Ahead of the 2G/3G Network Shutdowns Critical 2G/3G cellular network shutdown dates are quickly...
IoT Trends Venturing Into the Fog of 5G Hype: An Interview with Harald Remmert Harald Remmert, Director of Engineering
April 26, 2019
The advent of 5G has cast a considerable amount of doubt and fear across the IoT landscape, as many developers,...
IoT Trends Impending 2G/3G Shutdowns May Compromise Your Data Harald Remmert, Director of Engineering
March 28, 2019
Network shutdowns are on the way. Get all the products, tech support, and LTE migration expertise you need to maintain critical asset connectivity.
IoT Trends How to Stay Ahead of the 3G Network Sunset Harald Remmert, Director of Engineering
July 12, 2018
In order to stay ahead of the 3G network sunset, we must first think about how this will affect us to better prepare for the migration.
Applications The Cost of Network Downtime Extends Beyond the Bottom Line Digi International
April 23, 2018
A reliable internet connection is every retailer’s lifeline. When network downtime occurs, it costs retailers more than just missed sales,...
Applications Customer Showcase: Wireless Devices that Power Today’s Smart Cities Digi International
September 15, 2016
Every day Digi works with customers around the world to deploy connected solutions that businesses rely on. Connected devices help...
Applications ElectriCities Achieves Reliability and Savings with LTE Digi International
September 12, 2016
What does it take to provide training, emergency and technical assistance and communications to 90 member municipalities and 1.2 million...
IoT Trends The Evolution of LTE for IoT and M2M Devices Digi International
March 11, 2016
When you hear LTE you probably start thinking of fast speed, high bandwidth, HD video, your favorite apps…lots of data....
Applications Digi Helps Wildlife Research Institute Study Bear Hibernation with Remote Monitoring Solution Digi International
April 14, 2013
The business of connecting machines may seem as far from nature as you can get. But, this remote monitoring system...
This Week in the Internet of Things: Friday Favorites Digi International
March 22, 2013
The Internet of Things is developing and buzzing all around us. Throughout the week we come across innovative projects, brilliant...