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A Year in the Internet of Things: 2013 Wrap-Up

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It’s been a busy year for the Internet of Things. Everyday we see more people covering how the IoT is changing our lives and our businesses. As we look back on what has been an exciting year, here are some of our most read posts from the Digi Blog and a few other articles we think are highlights.

Sensors and Cloud Connection Enable Self-Sustaining Garden
This summer, we created a video that takes you on a tour through the Digi garden. Learn a bit about what technologies we have implemented and what vegetables we have growing during the summer months. Read more…

Digi Deploys 500-Node Internet of Things Network for the Data Sensing Lab at Google I/O
In collaboration with the Data Sensing Lab team, Digi helped deploy the massive sensing network at Google I/O. Throughout the conference over 500 sensors were continuously gathering data and being collected by Device Cloud. A number of parameters were montiored such as foot traffic, noise level, and air quality to name a few. Read more…

Mote in the Wild
An Idea Worth Spreading: Internet of Things TED Talks
We’ve compiled all of the IoT-related TED Talks in this blog post. Hear from a number of thought leaders in the industry and learn where they see the IoT in the future. Speakers include Arduino creator, Massimo Banzi, and other leading engineers in the field. Read more…

TED Talks Photo 
Makezine’s Urban Sensor Hack
Makezine put together a seven part series based on hacking sensors and creating your own IoT implementations at home. Each installment of the educational series focused on a different aspect of hacking IoT hardware. The series culminated in a sharing of projects from participating teams over Google Hangouts. These videos are a great resource for both new and experienced developers. Read more…

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The Economist’s Comprehensive Internet of Things Study
The Internet of Things business index: A quiet revolution gathers pace is an Economist Intelligence Unit report, sponsored by ARM. It is intended to gauge the current and future use of the Internet of Things by the global business community. Read more…

iPhone BBC
The Wireless Connections that may Transform our Lives
The number of internet-enabled devices is accelerating with the ubiquity of mobile phones and ease of connecting devices. This BBC article looks at how wireless connections are being used to improve every aspect of our lives. Read more…

These are just a few highlights from what has been busy 2013 for us at Digi. Let us know what your favorite stories are from this year in the Internet of Things. You can share with us either in the comments or @digidotcom. Here’s to an exciting 2014!

This Week in the Internet of Things: Friday Favorites

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The Internet of Things is developing and buzzing all around us. Throughout the week we come across innovative projects, brilliant articles and posts that support and feature the innovators and companies that make our business possible. Here’s our list of favorites from this week’s journey on the Web.

Arduino TRE

A video overview of the XBee product line from Parallax

The Urban Sensor Hack Series by Makezine

How We’ll 3D Print the Internet of Things on Readwrite

Optimize Field Operations with Remote Monitoring from Field Technologies Online

Arduino Announces Two New Linux Boards on Makezine

Please tell us in the comments below or Tweet us, @DigiDotCom– we would love to share your findings too. You can also follow all of the commentary and discussion with the hashtag #FridayFavorites.

Building Sensors with Alasdair Allan using an Arduino and XBees

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Building data streaming sensors with Alasdair Allan:

As a part of Make’s Urban Sensor Hack series, Alasdair Allan builds a temperature and humidity sensor live and streams the data to his computer. He carefully walks you through each step of the building process by building a circuit with an Arduino, writing code, and creating a wireless connection with a Digi XBee. If you’re just starting out or interested in making your own sensor network, this is a perfect video to help you take that first step.

Urban Sensor Hack

Make’s Urban Sensor Hack series sets out to bring makers together to discuss how to set up your own sensor networks.  The series takes place over Google Hangouts until October 15 and features some amazing makers such as Alasdair Allan, Kipp Bradford, Sean Montgomery, and many more. This is a great resource of information as you build your own sensor networks and search for creative uses for sensor data.

More videos to come from Make’s Urban Sensor Hack series, so stay tuned and check out the upcoming schedule.

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