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BeeChecker enables beekeepers to maintain and remotely monitor the health of their beehives. Bees are an essential piece to the ecosystem as they pollinate plants and produce goods we rely on daily.

BeeChecker is comprised of two devices–one located in the hive and one out of the hive. These devices run off Arduino and XBee to remotely transmit information about the conditions inside the hive. The device measures the weight of the hive, the different frequencies that bees emit —which can help to know if they are helping the queen. The sensor outside of the hive measures humidity, temperature, pollution, and GPS to map out the location of each hive.

The data collected from both sensor modules is transferred to a mobile app that gives the Beekeepers the information necessary to raise healthier bees.

Learn more about the project here.

Enhancing Vehicle Telematics with Mobile Devices

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A common application of Internet of Things technology is vehicle telematics. Knowing how your fleet is functioning, where they are located, as well as drivers’ time spent on the road is all crucial for managing a successful fleet.

Quite often, the solutions necessary to monitor these data can be cumbersome, expensive, and take time to be implemented. And what if regulatory standards change?

To solve the problem of lengthy and costly implementations, Digi developed the Wireless Vehicle Bus Adapter, or WVA. It is simply plugged into the vehicles diagnostic port and reads out the data you need via a web services API. Simple solutions that tap into existing infrastructure like these have the ability to quickly turn data points into tangible value for businesses.

The ubiquity of high performance mobile devices is eliminating many of the barriers that can make the implementation of a sensor network difficult. The advancement of smart phones and tablets have simplified establishing these networks through Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology. This eliminates the need to install cables and develop expensive and proprietary technology. Additionally, well designed user interfaces on mobile devices can create improved functionality and usability.

Learn more about the WVA here.

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