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Applications NASA Selects Digi XBee for TechEdSat Missions 5, 6, and 7 Mike Bleakmore, Product Marketing
June 6, 2018
After successful launches of TechEdSat 5 (2016) and 6 (2017), in 2018, NASA has again chosen Digi XBee for the TechEdSat 7 launch to collect sensor data including temperature, air pressure, and 3-axis acceleration parameters.
Applications Digi XBees Soar into Space on NASA Rocket Digi International
August 3, 2015
Rob Faludi, Digi’s Chief Innovator, was onsite for the launch of the first XBee network into space. The successful test...
Applications Off-the-Shelf Components Connect NASA Wireless Experiment Digi International
July 30, 2015
Did you know NASA’s XBee network that was deployed 200 miles above Earth was constructed completely out of off-the-shelf components?...
Applications Digi XBee Takes Flight at NASA Wallops Flight Facility Digi International
July 10, 2015
You may remember this post from last year sharing the upcoming NASA experiment involving XBee. Well, after a few delays (launching...
A Year in the Internet of Things: Top Posts from the Digi Blog Digi International
December 30, 2014
Another year is in the books and the Internet of Things conversation continues to evolve.  As 2014 comes to a...
One Small Step for XBee, One Giant Leap for Wireless Digi International
October 1, 2014
This winter, Soarex, a NASA sounding rocket, will be launched into space with XBee on-board.  The three-node network is the first...
IoT Trends Where in the World is the Robonaut Today? Digi International
August 28, 2014
Last year we shared how Digi helped NASA’s Robonaut go wireless. Since then, NASA’s robot has undergone a series of upgrades. Just...
Applications Digi Goes to Space Digi International
August 16, 2013
NASA’s Robonaut is quickly becoming a valuable addition to the International Space Station(ISS) . The robot is able to perform...
Create Your Own Outcome: Easton LaChappelle Reinvents the Conventional Prosthesis Digi International
July 1, 2013
Colorado 17-year-old Easton LaChappelle is on a mission to change the world with his XBee enabled prosthesis. “I’m from a...