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Applications IoT in Healthcare: Applications and Use Cases Jayna Locke, Senior Marketing Manager
February 1, 2019
The growth of IoT into nearly every business space — from medical devices and healthcare IoT applications to industrial “IIoT”...
IoT Trends IoT Development with Wireless Communications: Getting Started Kyle Sporre, RF and Hardware Engineering Manager
September 20, 2018
Embarking on an IoT development project presents many questions that need to be answered — whether you have extensive experience...
IoT Trends From Maker to Mainstream – Productizing Innovation Jayna Locke, Senior Marketing Manager
July 9, 2018
“The alarm sounds at 120 decibels,” Joan said. “It wails. Ninety decibels is a loud rock concert. This is a siren.”
Applications Powering the World’s First Zero-Emission Cab Mike Bleakmore, Product Marketing
June 27, 2016
The zero-emission taxicab of the future will soon be on the streets of London – and Digi is playing a...
IoT Trends How Real Was Bud Light’s Life-Size Pac-Man Game? The Technology Talks Digi International
February 10, 2015
One of the most buzzworthy commercials of Super Bowl XLIX was Bud Light’s Real Life Pac-Man spot for the #UpForWhatever...
Applications Future of Healthcare: Life Science Intersecting with the Exponential Increase in Computing Power Digi International
November 19, 2014
Life science is intersecting with the exponential increase in computing power, and as President and Managing Partner of Google Ventures...
Applications The New Patient Experience: Internet Connectivity Creating Healthcare Anywhere Digi International
February 27, 2014
Last week, healthcare and technology innovators from around the United States came together to experience the future of healthcare at...
13-year-old XBee Project Innovator Teaches Tech to MIT graduates Digi International
November 20, 2013
Our friend Quin is always up to big things. Most recently, the 13-year-old innovator has decided to kick off his...
Internet of Things Expert: Joshua Broder, President of Tilson Digi International
December 17, 2012
One of the best aspects of playing a role in the technology industry is getting to meet the innovative leaders...
Friday Favorites Digi International
December 7, 2012
The Internet of Things is developing and buzzing all around us. Throughout the week we come across innovative projects, brilliant...
Technical Insights WaveForum 2012: Solutions, Experts and Answers Digi International
November 1, 2012
We’ll be talking wireless technology, M2M solutions and device cloud connectivity at the seventh annual WaveForum this November in Miami, Florida....
Applications Connecting Light Highlights Digi International
September 4, 2012
Connecting Light made for an exciting time in northern England last week. From the preparation to deployment, Connecting Light was...