SmartSense by Digi to Present IoT Sensing Open Platform at NRF 2023 Retail’s Big Show

Leading IoT Connectivity Provider Aligning Sensing-as-a-Service Offerings to Remove Fragmentation from Retailer Business Technology Ecosystem

BOSTON, Mass., January 16, 2023 -- SmartSense by Digi®, part of Digi International (NASDAQ: DGII, and a leading global provider of Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity solutions, today announced the launch of its new IoT Sensing-as-a-Service open platform strategy. The strategy enables the company to configure its widely adopted IoT sensing and monitoring solutions for seamless interoperability with third-party sensing devices and enterprise management systems. The company will demo the open platform in a presentation titled “Open for YOUR Business” at NRF 2023 Retail’s Big Show on January 15-17, 2023.

“The IoT Sensing-as-a-Service open platform is an evolution designed for operating within the new ecosystem of applications used by the modern cloud-based enterprise,” said Guy Yehiav, President of SmartSense by Digi. “Our customers increasingly desire of flexible, best-of-breed solutions that integrate with their existing tech stacks to simplify the complexities of specific use cases. Whether it’s leveraged for inventory accuracy, workforce management, loss prevention or asset monitoring, the transformative approach we’re undertaking will further position our company to align with this new ecosystem for years to come.”  

There are three foundational pillars to the SmartSense open platform approach:

  • Streamlined Data Extraction: Extracts IoT sensing and monitoring data (temperature readings, incident occurrences, tasks, checklists, corresponding actions, etc.) with API integrations for use in other enterprise applications.
  • Maximized Hardware Investments: Ensures customers can maximize the ROI of their existing tech stack by removing silos and integrating various hardware and software architectures with SmartSense IoT sensing, monitoring and our prescriptive analytics solutions.
  • Seamless Third-party Compatibility: SmartSense uses a certification process to integrate other sensing devices that provide the ability to rapidly serve unique customer needs for specific use cases that are not part of the SmartSense core offering.

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About Digi International

(NASDAQ: DGII) is a leading global provider of business and mission-critical Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity products and solutions. We help our customers create next-generation connected products and solutions to deploy, monitor and manage critical communications infrastructures and compliance standards in demanding environments with high levels of security, relentless reliability and bulletproof performance. Founded in 1985, we’ve helped our customers connect over 100 million things, and growing.

About SmartSense by Digi

SmartSense by Digi®, a business unit of Digi International (NASDAQ: DGII), is a leading global provider of Internet of Things (IoT) Sensing as a Service solutions that deliver dynamic and personalized asset monitoring, process digitization, and digital decisioning across key verticals. We enable our customers to leverage the power of IoT automation, prescriptive workflows, and insightful analytics to ensure compliance, workforce productivity, brand loyalty, loss prevention, and reduction of waste and energy consumption. Combining new and innovative data-driven approaches with world-class IoT tools, SmartSense partners with enterprises to elevate their business outcomes and asset protection to new heights. For more information, visit

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