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Prsonas Delivers Interactive, Self-service Holograms To Spur Customer Engagement Using Digi Connectivity

"One of the keys to our holograms is the ability to instantly send SMS or email messages directly to users, so dependable connectivity is a must for our clients...we rely on Digi's WR11 for remote access to any PRSONAS unit in the field."

David Rose, Chief Executive Officer of PRSONAS

As companies focus more attention on web-based interactions with customers in a sea of tweets, emails, and banner ads, it's easy to lose sight of the need for high-quality customer-facing interactions. That's why many forward-thinking companies are turning to PRSONAS for breakthrough customer engagement. Thanks to Digi® TransPort® cellular routers, the company's flagship solutions can provide real-time data as well as content and software updates through an independent LTE connection for internet access.


It's no secret that brick-and-mortar retailers are under greater pressure than ever from online e-commerce competitors. Real-estate and labor costs squeeze margins while more buyers stay home and make purchases from phones and computers. One way physical retailers are fighting back is by offering unique experiences unavailable online. PRSONAS is in the vanguard of this movement, offering smart and interactive self-service holograms that act as virtual sales reps and product specialists on the store's front lines.

Tying together a range of innovative technology, PRSONAS smart virtual presenters use artificial intelligence and computer-generated visual technologies to interact with customers and gather valuable user analytics in the physical world. Much more than a boring talking-head video, a PRSONAS hologram can deliver marketing messages, provide customer support, and conduct commerce anywhere, anytime and in any language. It can also automatically follow up with the prospective customer via email once the interaction is complete.

Despite its many advantages, PSRONAS found that certain obstacles could slow down its sales cycle with clients - and connectivity was at the top of the list. "The PRSONAS solution is designed from the ground up to be a real-time connected solution," said David Rose, chief executive officer of PRSONAS. "But when it came time to install at an enterprise site, our sales process could get bogged down. Trying to get on the customer's Wi-Fi network was a time-wasting challenge because we had to comply with security policies, firewalls, and other protocols. In some cases, this completely derailed key sales opportunities for us."


According to Rose, a fundamental change was needed. "We realized that if we were to use a cellular connection, we could completely eliminate all of these hurdles and delays," he said. "We began to look at the various options for simple cellular connectivity - and that's when we found the Digi TransPort WR11 router. This was the perfect choice for us to integrate into our solution."

The Digi TransPort WR11 delivers a cost-optimized 4G LTE connection for mission-critical M2M applications. This cellular router is ideal for such applications as building and process-automation controllers; smart-grid assets like meters, switches, and controllers; IP cameras and access controllers; remote data loggers; ATMs, kiosks; and service terminals like PRSONAS. This drop-in connectivity gives operators a way to reduce the cost of downtime and service calls and also increase revenue by bringing new customer sites online faster.


"We've been using Digi's WR11 for cellular connectivity with huge success," Rose said. "One of the keys to our holograms is the ability to instantly send SMS or email messages directly to users, so dependable connectivity is a must for our clients. "In addition to this outbound marketing, we also rely on Digi's WR11 for remote access to any PRSONAS unit in the field. We can push any software update or perform basic troubleshooting and support from our location. Some of these updates can be very large, so we need lots of fast and reliable bandwidth. And since all of our presentation is CGI, not shot on green-screen video, we can change offers and the user experience on-demand. We're constantly sending new updates and we can push those over the cloud in less than a minute."

In addition, the PRSONAS holographic kiosk solution collects real-time analytics, just as a website collects user click/navigation data to discern patterns, trends, and preferences. "We can push all of that data into the cloud with just a two-second delay," Rose explained.

It's a solution that's drawing admiration from big brands like Pepsi, Toyota, Royal Bank of Scotland, the U.S. Army, and Microsoft. "We are able to serve some of the world's biggest organizations with fast deployment, real-time analytics, and efficient and timely support - and Digi is one of the keys to making that all happen."