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Digi works where your machines work. Intensive care units. Factory floors. Oil fields and mines. Industries with a mission to accomplish. No failures. No letup. No downtime.

Welcome to the Internet of Getting Things Done

Digi provides IoT connectivity for industries with tough conditions. Where operations are spread over vast areas or involve complex or hazardous processes. No matter where your products and systems work, Digi helps ensure that they are relentlessly reliable and secure with industrial Internet of Things connectivity. Connecting all of your devices, everywhere.

Digi WR54 FirstNet Ready

FirstNet Ready™ Digi® WR54 LTE-Advanced Router

The router for critical on-the-move communications

Rugged, high-speed and secure – now available in FirstNet Ready models, with single or dual cellular modules, built specifically for the FirstNet® nationwide Primary and Extended Primary network.



Causes of Network Failure: How Retail Businesses Can Eliminate Downtime

Network failures can be caused by a range of issues, from human error to DDoS attacks, and can cause businesses to lose revenue, fast. This is especially true of retail and other transaction-based businesses. Cellular network failover can virtually eliminate retail business downtime. By ensuring that another connection kicks in if the primary connection fails,...