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Cellular Extenders Break Speed Enterprise Speed Limits

Sensors Online Sensors Online announced the newest member of the Digi networking line of solutions – the Digi EX15 cellular extender. Designed as an affordable device for primary or backup LTE connectivity, providing a reliable, scalable, business continuity solution for applications such as ATMs, kioks, digital signage and seasonal pop-up stores.April 17, 2019

Digi International Brings CAT11 to Enterprise Cellular Extenders with Digi EX15

IoT Evolution In it's April 16, 2019 issue, IoT Evolution World, announced the Digi EX15 cellular extender, a device that can be used for primary or backup LTE connectivity at LTE-Advanced Pro (CAT11) speeds. System managers can use Digi Remote Manager to remotely manage the device.April 16, 2019

Rail technology update: PTC solutions

Progressive Railroading The April 2019 issue of Progressive Railroading, in an article on PTC (Positive Train Control) solutions, featured the Digi TransPort® WR44RR, a cellular router for rail systems. This router provides a high-speed cellular network connection and a flexible communications design with 3G/4G multi-carrier cellular, plus integrated Wi-Fi, serial port and four-port Ethernet.April 15, 2019

Tessco Announces Distribution Agreement with IoT Solutions Leader Digi International

AiThority AI Authority announced a key agreement between Tessco and Digi International. Tessco will sell Digi's IoT solutions for a wide range of industries including smart cities, energy, medical, industrial, retail and transportation. In addition to Digi's hardware solutions, Tessco will offer Digi Remote Manager®, a secure device management application for monitoring and managing IoT deployments.April 10, 2019

LPT: Controls and Drives – Hitachi Composite Cables, Sigmatek DC Motor Module & More

Engineering.com The introduction of the Digi IX14 router was featured in the April 4, 2019 issue of Engineering.com. The article described the router's key features for smart city, utility and industrial control applications.April 04, 2019

Driving Dreams 2019: Commercializing Your Internet of Things Solutions

Engineering.com The Driving Dreams 2019 Expert Series conference, held at the Arrow Electronics office in Mississauga, Ontario in May, 2019, focused on topics in the Internet of Things (IoT), including a hands-on session with Digi International. The topic was Modular Solutions Speeding Time to Market.April 03, 2019

IoT roundup: Keeping an eye on energy use and Volkswagen teams with AWS

Network World The idea behind Digi Foundations is to take a lot of the logistical legwork out of IoT implementations by integrating cloud-connection software and edge-computing capabilities into the company’s core industrial router business. See how Digi Foundations is packaged as a software subscription that adds these capabilities and more to the company’s devices. It also includes a built-in management layer, allowing for simplified configuration and monitoring.March 27, 2019

Digi Creates LTE Migration Services as Roadmaps for Advanced IoT

Industrial IoT The Digi International LTE Migration Services offering, is designed to help carriers prepare to sunset legacy networks and transition to LTE. Read more about how Digi will provide organizations the information and feedback necessary to evaluate factors that are critical to capitalizing on the enhanced signal strength, speed and greater capacity that LTE architectures will provide. March 26, 2019

Digi International WR54 Routers | Featured Product Spotlight

All About Circuits On this week's Featured Product Spotlight presented by All About Circuits, showcases the Digi WR54 industrial routers. Learn how the routers are designed to be easy-to-maintain and future proof, ensuring a long, seamless service life.March 19, 2019

Digi International unveils user-focused subscription for IoT hardware, management and technical support package

IoT Global Network The new Digi Foundations combines hardware, software applications, services and support in a comprehensive IoT-in-a-box package. Read how it simplifies and speeds the process of creating connected digital ecosystems, especially those with mission-critical applications.March 13, 2019

New Digi Foundations comes with inclusive IoT hardware, device management application and technical support package

IoT Innovator Touching every element of IoT deployment, including management and analytics, the new Digi Foundations provides a complete Internet of Things solution. Discover how Digi Foundations integrates IoT communications hardware, software, 24×7 technical support and warranty protection for a more accessible and straightforward IoT management solution.March 13, 2019

Podcast E016 | What Are the Major Trends in IoT? | Scott Nelson, CPO of Digi International

IoTForAll In this podcast, IoT For All spoke with Scott Nelson, Digi's Chief Product Officer, major trends in the Internet of Things industry. Topics include IoT solution design, the shift to edge computing, and the importance of building what matters.March 12, 2019

Digi International Introduces DRM for Advanced IoT Management

Profit from IoT Profit From IoT introduces Digi Remote Manager (DRM), which enables network operators, administrators and engineers to monitor, control and upgrade connected hardware for IoT solutions that run on long-term evolution (LTE) cellular networks. DRM also integrates with additional network management and productivity tools.March 06, 2019

Digi International Launches Digi Remote Manager for IoT Devices

Embedded Computing Design Embedded Computing Design shared Digi International's launch of Digi Remote Manager (DRM) and highlighted its capabilities, including in-band and out-of-band command and control of managed devices, over the Air (OTA) firmware updates, configuration and security management, and visibility and control over edge network devices (Zigbee and other RF devices).March 06, 2019

Secure platform monitors and controls distributed IoT devices

Microcontroller Tips Digi Remote Manager recently added a comprehensive set of connectivity tools, networking features, analytics and edge computing capabilities, which allows Internet of Things solutions managers to quickly and easily determine the operating status and location of all their remote digital assets. It also provides secure IoT networking for enterprise network managers and service providers who are implementing security and networking best practices into a single IoT management solution. Read more about these features.March 06, 2019

Security is the Biggest Challenge Facing IoT, says Digi

IMC Newsdesk The IoT M2M Council provided IoT insights from Digi International sales engineer, Andreas Burghart, based on a conversation at Embedded World 2019. These insights included the challenge of IoT security, the growth in edge computing, and trends in connectivity technology.March 05, 2019

Trimble, Digi provide fleets a cold chain compliance solution

Refrigerated Transporter Refrigerated Transporter shared the recent announcement of a collaboration between Trimble and Digi International to leverage the SmartSense by Digi solution on their refrigerated trailers. SmartSense provides an efficient subscription-based service that continuously and wirelessly monitors task management activities and the temperature of perishable goods in industries such as foodservice, healthcare, transportation and logistics or retail.March 05, 2019

Best in Show Awards Winners

Embedded Computing Design Digi International won the Best In Show award in the "Wired and Wireless Connectivity, including IoT and IIoT" category fom Embedded Computing Design. The Best In Show awards were announced at Embedded World 2019 in Nuremberg, Germany, in February 2019.February 28, 2019

Digi Brings ConnectCore 8X Development Kits to Support IoT innovation

Profit from IoT Digi International showcased its ConnectCore 8X development kits, designed to support IoT innovation, at Embedded World 2019, as well as the Digi XBee3 series of modules and modems. Digi’s ConnectCore 8X SOM and SBC offers Bluetooth Smart connectivity, graphics, video, image processing, audio/voice capabilities, as well as Digi TrustFence security for advanced IoT applications. The Digi XBee3 series of smart edge RF modules and cellular modems are highly integrated, compact and designed to support IoT innovation at the network edge.February 22, 2019

Digi shares insights into the "Why, When and How of IoT Projects"

Embedded Computing Design Companies seek IoT solutions for many different reasons, but they are almost always the result of a problem solving or cost-cutting initiative. Read about some of the scenarios, as well as some thoughts around the timing and methodology behind these IoT projects in this guest post on the Embedded Computing Design blog.February 21, 2019

Trimble and Digi Collaborate on Cold Chain Compliance for Fleets

IoT Evolution With SmartSense by Digi, fleets in the food and beverage industry can deploy remote monitoring to improve productivity, compliance and quality control. Designed to deliver real-time insight, SmartSense provides a subscription-based service that continuously and wirelessly monitors task management activities and the temperature of perishable, high-value goods in different industries such as food services, healthcare, transportation and logistics or retail.February 20, 2019

Digi International Highlights Latest IoT Connectivity Solutions and Customer Use Cases at Embedded World 2019

Embeded Computing Design Digi International highlighted its latest connectivity solutions and customer use cases at Embedded World 2019. Showcased solutions included ConnectCore® 8X system-on-modules (SOMs) and single board computers (SBCs), and the Digi XBee3® series of modules and modems.February 20, 2019

Deutsche Telekom seeks to solidify its position in the middle of the IoT ecosystem

Telecom TV Deutsche Telekom launched the IoT Solution Optimizer, a scalable online tool that provides technical consultancy and customer onboarding services for reliable and cost-effective IoT solutions. The IoT Solutions Optimizer brings together globally recognized IoT players including Digi International, as an IoT device supplier.February 19, 2019

The device manager: Quarterback of the IoT stack (Reader Forum)

Enterprise IoT Insights Scott Nelson, Digi's Chief Product Officer, shared how a Device Manager is like the quarterback of the stack. "When I think about a good Internet of Things (IoT) application stack I think of the ecosystem players as a team and how well that team performs is all about the Device Manager. The good quarterback facilitates getting the football to the endzone. A good Device Manager facilitates the data through the application stack to effect the desired outcome."February 08, 2019

Digi IX14: All new Intelligent Edge Computing Router introduced for Critical Assets

ELE Times The new Digi IX14 router contains an LTE modem capable of 3G fallback for North America, and a soon-to-be-released version will support 3G/2G fallback for Europe. Digi IX14 has also been physically hardened to withstand extreme environmental conditions with MIL-STD-810G certification for shock, vibration and temperature, and an IP54 rating for dust and water resistance.February 07, 2019

Digi International Launches Digi IX14 – Intelligent Edge Computing Router for Critical Assets

Aithority The Digi IX14 contains an LTE modem capable of 3G fallback for North America, and a soon-to-be-released version will support 3G/2G fallback for Europe. Digi IX14 has also been physically hardened to withstand extreme environmental conditions with MIL-STD-810G certification for shock, vibration and temperature, and an IP54 rating for dust and water resistance.February 07, 2019

Digi launches first in new line of ruggedised edge routers for smart cities and utilities

Enterprise IoT Insights Digi International has released a new LTE edge computing router for smart cities and utilities applications. The Digi IX14 is designed for low-cost, low-bandwidth single-asset applications, its maker said. It contains an LTE modem with 3G fallback for North America; a version for Europe, with 3G/2G fallback is scheduled.February 06, 2019

Companies Are Trying to Stay with the Times

AllWork Adaptable space has become a big priority for many companies as less space is being used by individual workers. Read how the design decisions were made for the new Digi International headquarters and where integrated digital kiosks can be easily accessed.January 29, 2019

Secure Cellular Router Serves Industrial and Transportation Needs

Circuit Cellar The new Digi WR54 is an LTE-Advanced router designed specifically to meet the connectivity challenges inherent in multi-location, on-the-move conditions, from rail and public transit to trucking fleets and emergency vehicle applications. Users looking to add high-speed passenger Wi-Fi to mass transit systems should read more about these enhanced cellular routers. These solutions offer all-in-one mobile communications for secure cellular connectivity between vehicles and a central operations center.January 29, 2019

All Things Iot Ebook Looks at the Future of Connected Infrastructure

eeNews Test & Measurement The All Things IoT series by Mouser Electronics, just released the third and final ebook focusing on industrial automation. Click here for more featured articles regarding LEDs and light fidelity (Li-Fi) lighting systems, threat modelling, and Internet of Things (IoT)-based pollution control.January 25, 2019

An Inside Look at Iot Gateway Vendors, Classifications

IoT Agenda What is an IoT gateway? By definition, it is a piece of hardware or software that connects the things in an IoT system to the cloud. But it's a bit more complex than that. Today, "instead of just funneling data along to the cloud, more computational and analytical muscle is being pushed to the edge." Learn the terminology and what's really going on in the realm of IoT gateways and the vendors who supply them.January 21, 2019

How Next-Generation IIoT Tech Is Powering a New Age of Industry

Tech HQ The Industrial IoT (IIoT) requires a different mindset than other traditional technical fields. Learn how leading IoT players like Digi are providing the technology for a successful communication transition from OT (Operational Technology) to IT (Information Technology). This article describes how Digi furthers the evolution with cellular modules utilizing 3G, 4G LTE and LTE-Advanced communications for commercial and industrial applications, supporting both critical communications as well as failover for WI-FI or cabled networks.January 15, 2019

Latest Wireless Router WR54 Offers High-Performance for Complex Mobile and Industrial Environments

ELE Times ELE Times covered the newest member of the Digi router family, the Digi WR54. The new LTE-Advanced routers includes dual cellular interfaces that provide immediate carrier failover for near-constant uptime and continuous connectivity. This feature is especially important as transit system and emergency vehicles move throughout a city or travel out of range of cellular coverage. The router's MIL-SPEC-certified design and built-in Digi TrustFence security framework, ensure that this industrial router is designed to meet the connectivity challenges of multi-location, on-the-move applications, such as rail, public transit, trucking fleets and emergency response units.January 15, 2019

Digi: High-Speed Continuous Connectivity for Transportation and Industrial

Embedded Control Europe In its January, 2018 edition, Embedded Control Europe provided an in-depth look at the recently released Digi WR54 industrial router. The Digi WR54 meets the rigorous requirements of a range of transit system and industrial applications. Transit vehicles require reliable, high-speed connectivity to carry mission-critical data and communications. Transit system integrators require connectivity for fleet tracking, logistics, performance monitoring, fare collection and video monitoring. Rail companies and industrial applications such as utilities require visibility into complex systems and the ability to monitor high-value assets.January 09, 2019

We’re Excited About Smart Products – Here’s Why You Should Be Too

StartupHereToronto Startup Toronto announced the Driving Dreams event, scheduled for January 31, 2019, on the theme of designing smart products. Visitors will have the opportunity for hands-on learning on technologies like Intel, Arrow and Digi International as well as the opportunity to "pick some of the biggest brains in IoT to get real-world advice on research, commercialization and innovation."January 08, 2019

Introducing Digi WR54: Reliable, High-Speed Continuous Connectivity for Transportation and Industrial Markets

Electronic Engineering Journal Cellular Router Unlocks Increasing Speed Capabilities of Cellular Networks for Mission Critical Applications in Demanding Environments." The article described how the WR54's hardened MIL-SPEC-certified design and built-in Digi TrustFence® security framework makes this LTE-Advanced router ready to meet the connectivity challenges inherent in rugged, multi-location scenarios or when data is on-the-move.January 08, 2019

Digi International to Showcase Advances in IoT Technology at CES 2019 (1/7/19)

Telecomdrive "CES offers a forum for Digi to show how connected technology is altering and thereby dramatically changing the customer experience. Our products, software and services are the backbone of connected technology, enabling a new value chain providing customers what they want, how they want it, when they want it.” said Digi CEO and President Ron Konezny. Learn how Digi will showcase how IoT applications can benefit business and the customer experience in several different markets and environments.January 07, 2019

Storage Newsletter, Top 25 Cloud Backup Enablers List for January 2019 – Backup Review

The Bulletin (OR) Office environments are changing, and The Bulletin of Central Oregon covered some of the new trends, such as standing desks and approaches to lobby reception areas that better reflect company personas today. The article cited several company examples including Digi International, and how the company's new headquarters will feature a coffee bar and a digital kiosk to welcome guests, in lieu of the traditional front desk receptionist.January 05, 2019

Where Is IoT Headed in 2019?

IoT For All As new IoT trends emerge in 2019, a few exciting new advancements will take center stage, suggests IoT for All. Among these predicted changes are Augmented Reality (AR) and advances in the adoption of the blockchain beyond cryptocurrencies. Scott Nelson, Digi's Chief Product Officer, shared his view that the next phase of the blockchain will be practical applications "as IoT developers have gathered the expertise needed to deploy blockchain for IoT device security needs." Read the article to learn more about this and other predictions for IoT.January 01, 2019

Mastercard, Google, Lufthansa Technik, Cisco, Cradlepoint and Hundreds More Speak at IoT Evolution Expo 2019 in Florida

IoT Evolution World IoT Evolution World announced the group of industry leaders to speak at IoT Evolution Conference and Expo to be held January 29 to February 1, 2019 in Fort Lauderdale. The list includes Digi's Vice President of Product, Scott Nelson, among other IoT knowledge experts.December 19, 2018

Second All Things IoT E-Book Explores Opportunities and Obstacles of IIoT

Profit from IoT In this latest e-book of the series, Mouser has included articles on enabling technologies that are shaping the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) applications, collaborative robots on the factory floor, and new approaches to enterprise security. As a proud sponsor, Digi is thrilled for readers to examine the technologies, possibilities and challenges related to the IIoT.December 13, 2018

Smart Cities Q&A: “A Consumer Model with City License Could Work,” Says Digi

Enterprise IoT Insights As part of an investigation into the funding models that underpin the smart cities ecosystem, Enterprise IoT Insights caught up with Steve Mazur, the company’s director of government sales, and Scott Nelson, its chief product officer and vice president of product, to get the Digi view on how to buy and sell in the smart city space, including in transit systems, street lights, smart waste bins, smart metering and waste-water systems.December 03, 2018

Festival Foods Deploys Smartsense Solution Across Its Stores in US

Retail Insight Network Festival Foods, a US-based privately-held grocery chain, has partnered with SmartSense by Digi to deploy SmartSense food safety solutions across its 32 locations. Read why the retailer selected SmartSense for task management and continuous temperature monitoring, as well as to help it enhance food quality and safety, increase employee efficiency and reduce inventory loss.November 29, 2018

The Looming Crisis in the Internet of Things

Communications of the ACM A new California law is poised to impose strict security standards on Internet of Things (IoT) devices, which has sparked conversation with many security professionals. Read how they see this as a first step in mitigating a looming crisis in IoT security.November 27, 2018

Digi Toasts Digi XBee at Electronica

IMC IoT M2M Council At Electronica 2018, the new Digi XBee3 modules and demonstrations were exciting highlights. The Digi XBee3 Zigbee modules featured new Bluetooth connectivity. An application by SteadyServ equipped with Digi XBee3 cellular, served real German beer to showcase seamless cellular connectivity and data management. Digi Director of Product Management, Mark Tekippe discusses more about these new products here: November 20, 2018

Mouser Electronics Debuts New E-Book on Home Automation as Part of All Things Iot Series

ELE Times In the first of three e-books in the series, Mouser experts explore the engineering behind the Internet of Things (IoT) that is automating our homes, offices and industry and changing the way we live. As a proud sponsor, Digi is excited for readers to learn best practices in building a home automation system, intelligent lighting, and comparisons of short-range communication technologies.November 13, 2018

Digi International to Showcase IoT Expertise, Edge Computing at Electronica 2018

Embedded Computing Design At Electronica 2018, Digi addresses connection and networking needs with a full range of embedded hardware options, software specifically developed to optimize IoT deployments and expert services to ensure customer success. Read how Digi is connecting the things in the IoT, while offering data, insights, and management tools to maximize performance and drive business value.November 08, 2018

HMI: The Center of the IIoT Universe

AutomationWorld In the age of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), the description of what a human-machine interface (HMI) is—and what it can do—is changing. Learning from the ultimate interface—an Internet browser—developers are leveraging web-based development technology like HTML5, JavaScript and CSS to build customizable interfaces that can pull information from intelligent devices and even add context, providing more business value. Digi VP of Product, Scott Nelson says usability and security must unite in the new era of HMI. Read more and see how Digi is finding ways to do both.November 08, 2018

The Craft Beer Industry Taps into the IoT: A Supply Chain Use Case

Embedded Computing Design Recognizing the many needs of bar owners and craft beer brewers when it comes to monitoring beer usage and managing stock, SteadyServ Technologies, uses a Digi gateway to create an IoT application that allows bar managers to easily track usage of beer kegs. Read this article to see how it works:November 06, 2018

Week In Review: IoT, Security, Auto

Semicondutor Engineering The Digi International team is excited to announce the new President of IoT Products and Services, Mike Ueland, and the new President of IoT Solutions, Kevin Riley. Read more to see what this means for Digi’s strategic IoT direction:November 02, 2018
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