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Adding Wireless for IoT: Build, Buy, or Hybrid?

Digi-Key Electronics Hardware and software challenges leave engineering teams with three choices for creating wireless IoT devices - build it from scratch burning time building and testing the device, buying a certified module saves time and money in the long run, or a hybrid. Learn why buying the Digi XBee SX Module should not be overlooked: October 20, 2016

Testing the Internet of Things: Making the IoT Work

RCR Wireless: An Editorial Feature Report, October 18 In this special report, Kyle Sporre, Manager of RF Engineering, Digi Wireless Design Services, provides keen insights to what IoT trends represent new challenges in performance-testing and certifying new types of wireless devices. “Over-the-air testing is taking on new significance, and ensuring long-lived batteries life is becoming even more important. New standards are emerging for which, in some cases, test equipment and test cases don't even exist yet. All of this is happening while millions of IoT devices are connecting to wireless networks each day, and billions more are expected to come online over the next few years.”October 18, 2016

Made In Minnesota scoreboards grace Vikings and Wolves play spaces

Minneapolis Star Tribune Minnesota fans get winning scoreboard technology in the new US Bank Stadium – and other professional stadiums in the state – from Minnesota manufacturers, Daktronics and Digi International. Professional leagues must ensure "always on, always accurate" scoreboards – that why they turn to this winning combo.September 14, 2016

IoT early warning system helps save people from mudslides

Network World There still is no cure for traffic jams, which The Economist estimates cost every U.S. household $1,700 each year in lost time and wasted fuel. But thanks to the Digi TransPort® WR31 4G LTE router and other cutting-edge technologies, forward-thinking transportation planners are devising new ways for commuters to sidestep traffic tie-ups and save time and fuel. Get the details in this NetworkWorld story.August 24, 2016

Traffic flows better with Digi IoT-based traffic management

Network World There still is no cure for traffic jams, which The Economist estimates cost every U.S. household $1,700 each year in lost time and wasted fuel. But thanks to the Digi TransPort WR31 4G LTE router and other cutting-edge technologies, forward-thinking transportation planners are devising new ways for commuters to sidestep traffic tie-ups and save time and fuel. Get the details in this NetworkWorld story.August 17, 2016

Check these boxes before deploying IoT devices

Embedded Computing Design Embedded IoT devices face assault from many directions and in many forms: through wired and wireless connections and even direct physical access (especially for remote/unattended devices). This checklist of issues and strategies is a great starting point for your efforts to protect your fleet of autonomous IoT devices.August 11, 2016

Strengthening Security In Embedded IoT Solutions

RF Globalnet As embedded devices increasingly rely on wireless networks for communication, the the threats to security increase, including attacks on confidentiality, service theft, data integrity, and availability. Read more about how effective analysis tools to prioritize development resources when responding to security threats.July 29, 2016

Top 5 from Sensors Expo & Conference 2016

ECN Every year at Sensors Expo (held in the heart of Silicon Valley), ENC Magazine scours the Expo looking for the best new products offered. Check out the countdown video of the Top 5 products, including Digi Connect® Sensor, which is featured in the #2 spot.June 29, 2016

Breaking Through the RF Clutter: Innovations in Spread Spectrum Technology

Remote Magazine More than ever, companies are seeking smart ways to deploy wireless communication systems in remote industrial and commercial environments to connect remote assets for control and monitoring. In this article, Mark Grierson, applications engineer for Digi International, explores the challenges and key technologies that make 900 MHz and 2.4 GHz solutions feasible and effective.June 28, 2016

London's hack-proof Metrocab black cab to be unveiled could be the future of transport

Daily Mail The car that locks out cyber criminals: Hack-proof black cab to be unveiled in London could be the future of transport
Bolstering security and making vehicles impervious to cyber criminals is a crucial step as autonomous vehicles roll out in coming years. Read this article from The Daily Mail to find out more about Frazer-Nash’s remarkable security system – leveraging Digi ConnectCore® 6 system-on-module – that uses multiple firewalls and unique digital keys to keep hackers out.June 27, 2016

New Products of the Week: 6.27.16

Network World The Digi Connect® Sensor was named NetworkWorld “New Product of the Week.” This battery-powered, enterprise-ready, cellular gateway solution provides wireless connectivity at locations with either no power or low power, allowing for remote sensor monitoring in a wide range of challenging environments.June 27, 2016

Digi International Helps Develop Connected Cab

Desktop Engineering Frazer-Nash Research developed the Ecotive's Range Extended Electric Metrocab using the Digi ConnectCore 6 System-on-Module (SOM) in its core powertrain and infotainment systems. Learn how this connected cab is benefiting from the Digi ConnectCore 6 (SOM) information processing and wireless connectivity.June 27, 2016

Don’t Let Hackers in the JTAG Port

Embedded Computing Design The JTAG debug port is one of many ways hackers can access your devices. Learn more about the JTAG port and how you to secure the Internet of Things (IoT) devices using the Digi TrustFence security framework. June 22, 2016

Wireless Food Temperature Monitoring Solution

Refrigerated & Frozen Foods Digi Honeycomb solution wirelessly monitors food temperature with Bluetooth-enabled hand-held sensors, a secure gateway, and dashboard application to track and report data. Read why this is cost-effective solution is ideal for the cold chain industry. June 21, 2016

Digi Connect Sensor Expands Wireless Connectivity with Either No Power or Low Power

IoT Now Digi Connect Sensor is a battery-powered cellular gateway solution that accommodates off-the-shelf sensors to provide wireless connectivity at remote locations using low to no power.  This Endress+Hauser chose the Digi Connect Sensor to complete wireless connectivity of industrial locations to collect valuable data and manage operations remotely saving time and money. June 21, 2016

New Digi Connect Sensor Boosts Remote Monitoring Capabilities Without Adding Infrastructure

IoT Innovator The ideal plug-and-play solution, Digi Connect Sensor allows wireless sensor monitoring to be connected in remote and harsh environments - making it an ideal solution for energy, water, industrial, and government installations. It's ubiquitous design provides flexibility and versatility to accommodate off-the-shelf sensors.June 21, 2016

Endress+Hauser Selects Cellular Gateway for its Field Instrumentation Sensors

Control Engineering The Digi Connect Sensor combines with Endress+Hauser's field instrumentation sensors and SuppplyCare cloud platform to offer a complete sensor monitoring solution for remote, hard, and seemly unprofitable environments. This battery powered collaboration is predicted to save labor costs, increase safety, and strengthen device security.June 20, 2016

Connecting Remote Critical Assets

Remote Magazine With declining costs for hardware and data plans, cellular connectivity is rapidly becoming a viable choice for remote monitoring of critical assets in areas where it was previously too expensive. In this article, Brent Nelson, Digi’s senior product manager, highlights the improvements companies can achieve in asset uptime lower lifecycle cost, and the benefits of real-time collection and monitoring of equipment data.June 20, 2016

Tiny Modules Target IoT Applications

Electronic Design Building small and mobile platforms that are wireless with built-in sensors can be challenging and time consuming. Digi has been named one of the top providers of secure and wireless SoMs. Digi ConnectCore® for i.MX6UL is the industries smallest wireless low-power WPN that is designed to save developers time to market and spend more time focusing on their project.  June 17, 2016

Cellular or Low-Power WAN: Choosing the Right Approach for Your IoT Deployment

IoT Now As cellular providers standardize on narrowband LTE technologies for IoT communications, they will compete more directly with incumbent non-cellular M2M hardware and software providers. Users will now have more choice, but which scenarios are better-suited for cellular vs. low-power wide area networking (LP-WAN)? Jay Kilby, director of product management at Digi International, discusses the four key factors for making that crucial decision.June 10, 2016

11 Myths About Antenna Design

Electronic Design Antennas are mandatory for a product to connect via radio frequency. Obvious examples are cell phones, satellite communications, and even our garage-door openers. But the Internet of Things is connecting less-obvious devices, such as thermostats, parking meters, wearable devices, even dog collars, and in turn bringing sweeping change to almost every industry by connecting products that previously were never connected. And it’s all done wirelessly, untethered to any wire or cable.June 02, 2016

NXP FTF 2016: Is the hysteria around connected device security warranted?

Embedded Computing Design Should we really be that worried about our connected devices suddenly turning on us at the whim of some teenager in a basement? Or is it, like so many other things today, a story that has been overblown by members of the media looking for click bait? Mike Rohrmoser, Director of Product Management for the Embedded Systems division at Digi International, talks IoT security in this article.May 27, 2016

Digi Honeycomb: Wireless Temperature Monitoring of Perishable Goods

Food Safety Magazine Food Safety Magazine is one of the most respected sources for information in the food safety and quality space. Read what they had to say about Digi Honeycomb - the new wireless  food temperature monitoring solution that is giving companies cost-effective and invaluable  safety, reliability, and security. May 27, 2016

Wireless Temperature Monitor

C-Store Products Digi International has introduced the Digi Honeycomb. This cost-effective service wirelessly monitors the temperature of perishable goods, alerting users if the proper temperature is not maintained.May 19, 2016

Powerful embedded radio frequency wireless modules for applications running in the unlicensed 900 MHz ISM band

Mouser Mouser is now stocking XBeeR and XBee-PROR SX modules from Digi International.May 12, 2016

Products of the Week: Digi XBee SX

Network World Each week Network World gathers the industries most interesting products to one place. Read why the embedded wireless Digi XBee SX was featured and how it is ideal for OEMs looking to deliver secure and reliable communications in industrial environments. May 02, 2016

Promoting environmental sustainability with wireless M2M connectivity

IoT Now In recognition of Earth Day, here are some real-world examples of how wireless M2M connectivity is making a difference.April 21, 2016

How to Measure Home Power Usage

PC Magazine As a world that is always plugged in, we have become callous to high electricity bills. The good news is that understanding the utilities will lead to you the right money saving tools.   Check out this article to see if the Digi XBee Smart Meter is the most cost effective and right electricity usage monitor for the next intricate bill. 
 April 14, 2016

Never change a running system?

Embedded Computing The system should be designed with the goal of including regular critical system updates to ensure that users are always protected by the latest technology.March 18, 2016

Obscure is not a Synonym for Secure

Embedded Computing Whether intentional “design rule” or not, “security by obscurity” is a bit like hiding a key in the backyard; ultimately, someone will locate your secrets, and that’s when the real trouble begins.March 09, 2016

ZigBee Alliance names new executive board members as initiative momentum grows

IoT Now The ZigBee Alliance, a non-profit association of companies creating, maintaining and delivering open, global standards for the low-power wireless Internet of Things (IoT), announced the addition of two vice chairmen to its executive committee, Musa Unmehopa and Jean-Pierre Desbenoit.March 07, 2016

Safety-on-Module: ConnectCore 6UL

Elektronik Net At the embedded world 2016 Digi International introduces a new product to the ConnectCore family.February 25, 2016

Modules Based on NXP i.MX6UltraLite

L'Embarqué Digi International expands its range of ConnectCore modules with an i.MX6UL based module that measures only 28 mm x 28 mm.February 24, 2016

Mouser – Hands-on kit shows how to use XBee RF modules for home automation (Digi International XKB2-Z7T-WZM)

electropages Mouser is now stocking the Digi XBee ZigBee Mesh Kit from Digi International. The it offers designers a hands-on way to learn how to use Digi XBee radio frequency (RF) modules for device connectivity and mesh networking.February 15, 2016

Ease of Use and Mobile First are at the heart of Digi’s new M2M strategy

IoT Now In Part 2 of Jeremy Cowan’s report the new emphasis is on service and scalability.February 12, 2016

What a difference a year makes as Digi CEO remodels business, divests and buys to boost profits

IoT Now President and chief executive officer, Ron Konezny sits down for an in-depth interview with Jeremy Cowan of IoT Now.February 11, 2016

Decoding the IoT Development Platform

Desktop Engineering Even as the concept of the Internet of Things (IoT) crystalizes and so-called smart, IoT-enabled products begin to take shape, the notion of an IoT development platform remains fuzzy — primarily due to the broad sweep of functionality behind this new phase of product design.February 01, 2016

Embedded Device Security for the IoT

IoT Design As more devices become network-enabled, public or private, there’s an increasing concern around the security profile of those devices.January 18, 2016

Some IoT Use Cases Will Require Ruggedized Hardware

RCR Wireless The IoT (Internet of Things) revolution, particularly in the industrial space, promises to bring connectivity to everything from manufacturing and shipping to more environmentally challenging industries like mining, oil and gas and the like.January 13, 2016

On the Future of LP-WAN

EE Times EE Times caught up with Joel Young, the senior VP of research and development and CTO of connectivity company Digi International to get his take on how the LP-WAN market will unfold.January 08, 2016
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