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Limited Lifetime Warranty for
Digi Routers and Gateways

Included with Digi Foundations, the Limited Lifetime Warranty extends the standard three-year warranty on hardware to five years, with a 40 percent credit toward an equivalent product after five years.

Provides hardware protection. Enables equipment replacement at a savings after five years. As your
needs evolve.

  • Extends the standard Digi three-year warranty to a Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Covers new devices under a Digi Foundations subscription from purchase for the first year
  • Provides replacement for five years from purchase
  • Reverts to a discount off MSRP for a new device after five years

All Digi routers and gateways come with a standard three-year warranty. Digi extends this warranty to a Limited Lifetime Warranty as long as the device is under a continuous Digi Foundations subscription starting when the device is originally purchased. The Limited Lifetime Warranty will provide replacement with a new or similar product for five years from the date of purchase. After five years from the purchase date, the warranty value will revert to a 40 percent credit off the MSRP of an equivalent product. Replacement products must be purchased directly from Digi as part of warranty.

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