Radio Equipment Directive (RED) Documentation - Connect/ConnectPort Families

In response to the implementation of the new Radio Equipment Directive (RED) replacing the existing R&TTE directive, and the end of the official transition period, all Digi International products shipping to the European Union (EU) on or after June 13, 2017 will conform to RED.

Included Products
Connect WS, ConnectPort X Family, Connect WAN Family, Connect Tank, Connect Sensor, XBee Gateway

RED Documentation Downloads
Product FamilyPart NumberDescriptionLink to RED Document
Connect WS50001895-01Connect WS 1Download
 50001896-01Connect WS 4Download
 50001896-02Connect WS 8Download
OEM i.mx28 Based Products50001881-01OEM 1 Port ProductDownload
 50001869-02OEM 4 Port ProductDownload
 50001869-03OEM 8 Port ProductDownload
ConnectPort X Family50001527-35ConnectPort X2, XBee (802.15.4) to EthernetDownload
 50001527-34ConnectPort X2, XBee (DigiMesh 2.4 GHz) to EthernetDownload
 50001527-33ConnectPort X2, XBee (Zigbee) to EthernetDownload
 50001513-21ConnectPort X4 - XBee ZigBee to EthernetDownload
 50001513-184ConnectPort X4 - XBee ZigBee to Ethernet & Cellular (HSPA+)Download
 50001513-69ConnectPort X4 - XBee (DigiMesh 2.4 GHz) to EthernetDownload
 50001513-205ConnectPort X4 - XBee (DigiMesh 2.4 GHz) to Ethernet & Cellular (HSPA+)Download
 50001513-100ConnectPort X4 IA - XBee ZigBee to EthernetDownload
 50001544-28ConnectPort X4HDownload
 50001544-52ConnectPort X4HDownload
 50001544-58ConnectPort X4HDownload
 50001544-60ConnectPort X4HDownload
 50001544-51ConnectPort X4HDownload
 50001544-61ConnectPort X4HDownload
Connect WAN Family50001513-181Connect WAN 3GDownload
 50001513-183Connect WAN 3G IADownload
 50001513-191Connect WAN 3G IADownload
Connect Tank50001884-11ConnectTank SR, HSPA+ GPSDownload
 50001884-12ConnectTank MR, HSPA+, GPSDownload
 50001884-07ConnectTank SR E, HSPA+, GPSDownload
 50001884-08ConnectTank MR E, HSPA+, GPSDownload
 50001884-05ConnectTank SR E, HSPA+Download
 50001884-06ConnectTank MR E, HSPA+Download
Connect Sensor50001907-01ConnectSensorPlus, HSPA+Download
 50001907-03ConnectSensorPlus, HSPA+Download
XBee Gateway50001893-08XBee Gateway Zigbee to GSM 3GDownload
 50001892-03XBee Gateway Zigbee to Ethernet/ WiFiDownload
 50001892-04XBee Gateway Zigbee to EthernetDownload
Last updated: Aug 24, 2018

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